LIFE 50th – 2020 Coordinating Team

The prospect of creating the coordinating team for the 50th anniversary was daunting, and I honestly did not know where to begin. I was advised to “Just imagine your dream team.” Spanning all three regions, and with a variety of experience with Marianist LIFE, the 2020 National Coordinating Team is truly a blessing to this ministry. We are all looking forward to collaborating on the next summer program in the service of our LIFErs and moderators.



Coordinator – Toni Mesina

Coordinator – Toni Mesina

After LIFE Pacific 1991, I returned for my senior year at Sacred Hearts Academy (Honolulu) excited about my faith. I was a moderator for SHA in 2000, and since then, have been moderator for Saint Louis School, served in Religious Life and Program and, finally, as Regional Coordinator from 2007-2009. I had the joy of working on two regional programs (Pacific and South) in 2008 and 2009. This is my ninth year as national coordinator, and I am very excited to serve this ministry that has given much to me as an educator and faith formator.

Program – Emmy Hamilton
Dayton, Ohio

I am teaching kindergarten and am a LIFE moderator at Queen of Apostles Community in Dayton. I went to LIFE Central in 2006 as a student and have been helping with Central since 2010. In 2019, I attended LIFE Pacific as an Auxiliary Moderator. I am really excited to see all three regions come together for 2020. It will be so awesome seeing so many high school students experiencing the week together.

Program - Joey Klobas

Program – Joey Klobas
San Francisco

I was a LIFEr with Archbishop Riordan (San Francisco) in 2006, and I came back to LIFE several years ago as a moderator for  Riordan, where I am currently the student activities coordinator. After serving for three years in the Office of Program, I took on the role of regional coordinator, which I have done for the last two years. I am looking forward to continuing in this ministry as we prepare for the 50th anniversary. This will be another productive year with new challenges and opportunities.

Program – Sr. Nicole Trahan, FMI

Program – Sr. Nicole Trahan, FMI
Dayton, Ohio

Currently living in Dayton (originally from Texas), I serve part time as a campus minister at Chaminade Julienne (Dayton), vocations director for the Marianist Sisters Province of the US, director the Sisters’ pre-novitiate program and member of the Provincial Council. I first attended LIFE South in 2001 as a moderator with Central Catholic (San Antonio), and began serving on team in various roles in 2002. I served as regional coordinator for LIFE South from 2008-2011. It was a fantastic 10 years! I am excited about LIFE 2020 because we have an awesome team that is committed to the charism and to the mission of LIFE. Also, I look forward to bringing such a diverse group of young people together to learn and grow with and from one another.

Religious Life – Christopher Casupang

Religious Life – Christopher Casupang

As a student at Saint Louis School (Honolulu) in 1986, I attended LIFE Pacific. Since returning to work at Saint Louis School I have had the opportunity to attend LIFE approximately 15 times. It was a joy to be able to serve in different capacities, among them as school moderator, auxiliary moderator and also on the Coordinating Team as religious life and regional Coordinator. I serve as the chief officer of Campus Ministry and Charism at Saint Louis School, so I am very excited as we collaborate on a project of this magnitude, where students will be able to see they belong to a rich tradition in the Marianist Family. There is much joy surrounding the LIFE 2020 mash up.


Religious Life – Antonio Marí
Hollywood, Fla

I am the director of Campus Ministry at Chaminade Madonna. I went to LIFE Central in 2005 as a Colegio San José (San Juan, PR) student, and started serving LIFE in 2011-2012 when I was a student at the University of Dayton. Since then, I have been moderator for Chaminade Madonna at LIFE South in 2014 and 2019, at LIFE Central in 2015-2017 with Colegio San José  and served on coordinating teams in both regions 2014-2018. At LIFE 2020, we will see the diversity of the Marianist Family and how the same charism lives in all of us. Mega-LIFE will be awesome!

Religious Life - Kim Matzen

Religious Life – Kim Matzen
Bellevue, Neb.

In 2006, I first participated in LIFE Central as moderator for Gross Catholic High School (Bellevue, Neb.), where I am currently a teacher and coach. I have just finished my third and final year as regional coordinator for the Central Program, and prior to that, I served in the Office of Religious Life. I am really looking forward to working with others from the Pacific and South regional programs to create an amazing week for our students. Seeing the fruits of our collaboration in 2020 will be really exciting.

Temporalities – Chris Cantu

Temporalities – Chris Cantu
Sugar Land, Tex.

After participating LIFE South in 2001 as a student at St. Joseph High School (Victoria, Tex.), I attended St. Mary’s University, and was part of the Marianist Leadership Program. I returned to LIFE in 2005 to serve the Office of Temporalities, and since then, I have been an auxiliary moderator/moderator for St. Joe’s and Central Catholic,  served the Offices of Program and most recently, as regional coordinator. I currently work for the American Red Cross in Houston, so am looking forward to expanding my connections within the Marianist Family in 2020. I am most excited to bring the three regional programs together and learning the cultures of each region.

Temporalities - Errol Christian

Temporalities – Errol Christian
St. Louis

I was previously at Saint Louis School (Honolulu), where I was a school moderator for the first time in 2004. I then served on the coordinating team in the Offices of Religious Life and Temporalities. As a campus minister at Chaminade College Prep my primary responsibility is coordinating community service for the students. I am excited at the thought of having LIFErs from all the different schools gather as one BIG family. It will be a unique and powerful experience of community as each school brings its own gifts to share. With hundreds of young people gathered and fired up for Christ, it will truly be a joy and blessing to be part of this.

Temporalities - Kevin Wood

Temporalities – Kevin Wood

I work at Archbishop Moeller High School as director of advancement operations. I attended LIFE Central as a moderator in 2016-18 and was on C-Team in 2019. I am excited for the 2020 program because I have seen the great work that the Central program has accomplished and can only imagine how much awesomeness can be done when you times that by three!