Mary in our lives

Devoted to a special woman

“The Spirit of the Society is the spirit of Mary.”
(Rule of Life, The Society of Mary, Book I, Article 114)

Marianist brothers and priests are men dedicated to a woman: Mary, the mother of Jesus.

We believe Mary’s mission — bringing Christ into the world — is ongoing and that we take part in it today. Our relationship with Mary, then, is apostolic. Her role as mother and disciple of Jesus is an abiding mystery for us, and it shapes our way of living and ministering in the Church.

Each day, Marianist brothers and priests say a prayer of dedication, linked to our vow of stability. It’s an expressed dedication to Mary as a woman of faith and bearer of Christ. It’s a commitment to a relationship with her that first inspired our Marianist founders, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, Venerable Adele de Batz de Trenquelleon, and Venerable Marie-Therese de Lamourous.

Reflecting the unity and collaboration characteristic of our foundation, Marianist brothers and priests participate in Mary’s mission with the wider Marianist Family that includes religious sisters and committed lay people.

Who is Mary in your life? A conversation with Bro. Brandon and Fr. Bert

Mary, the first disciple of Jesus and our model of discipleship

As Marianists, we find in Mary an abundance of mysteries that become central to our lives. Scriptural passages involving Mary, such as the Annunciation, the Magnificat, the Presentation of Jesus, the finding of Jesus in the Temple, the Wedding Feast at Cana, Mary and John at Calvary, Mary with the disciples at Pentecost. All these shape our vision of embodying a discipleship of equals and our way of building communities of faith wherever we are.

We believe Mary helps us follow Jesus, grow in his likeness, and bear his transforming grace to the world today. As Marianist brothers and priests we are bound by love — and by our religious vows — to her mission, her way, and to Mary herself as the mother of Christ.


The world’s most famous mother

The University of Dayton, a Marianist University in Dayton, Ohio, offers an outstanding online resource for anyone seeking to learn more about our Blessed Mother.

Whether your interest is spiritual, historical, academic or all those combined, you will gain a new appreciation for the world’s most famous mother. Check it out here.