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Welcome home collage

The Marianists are:

  • Men of faith: We are moved by the Holy Spirit to follow Jesus.
  • Dedicated to Mary: She is our model of discipleship. We are inspired by her example to bring forth Christ for others.
  • Men of community: We believe that living simply, praying daily and supporting each other as a community enriches our faith and strengthens our ability to grow and meet challenges.
  • A discipleship of equals: Brothers and priests serve in tandem and serve each other. Priesthood is seen as a ministry, not a step up the ladder.
  • Leaders in mission: Our mission is to bring Christ to the world and to work for the coming of His kingdom.

    Want to learn more? Please contact:

    Bro. Tom Wendorf, SM
    Bro. Tom Wendorf, SM, vocation director

    314.533.1207, ext. 224
    Read Bro. Tom’s blog