Marianist Center for Lay Formation

The Marianist Center celebrates its 55th anniversary of foundation in 2020. The Center was founded and has always been directed to the development of community and leadership among laity, to deepening theological foundations, and to accommodate Province institutions and offices that espouse similar goals. In these 55 years, the Center has changed or refocused its priorities responding to the needs of the times.

Since 1998 until the present, the Center has been located in downtown Philadelphia with a Marianist witness in a big busy office building. In these continuing pandemic days, we moved once again in the building to more right-sized offices. That move was finished on September 14, 2020.

The Marianist Center for Lay Formation is committed to:

  • Introducing people throughout the US and Canada into the Marianist lay movement and lay community.
  • Providing space and skills to facilitate the Society of Mary, the Marianist Sisters and the Marianist Lay communities in the US working together to develop the Marianist mission for the next decade.
  • Watching the MLC-NA year of discernment and how that will impact the mission of the Society of Mary in the United States.
  • Carefully studying the document, “Implementing the Province Directional Statements,” from our Provincial Council to see the implications and action steps with which our Center can assist.
  • Facilitating retreats and days of reflection for lay communities throughout the Province.
  • Serving the Marianist Affiliate communities and its advisors throughout the US, Canada, and Ireland.
  • Working as a resource for the development of Regional Marianist Family Councils.
  • Working in tandem with established Marianist institutions to develop the mission of the Marianist Family.
  • Accompanying people who are collaborators in ministry and are interested in becoming members of a Marianist lay community, in mission with us.
  • Being a hospitable area for Marianist community gatherings and programs.