Summer LIFE

The Marianist LIFE summer program is a faith formation experience for high school students and their moderators.

Students enjoy an experience of small faith communities, sacraments, prayer, leadership development, social justice education and fun!

Moderators, who include campus ministers, youth ministers, teachers and adult volunteers, arrive before the students to prepare, as well as to build their own communities of faith.

Summer LIFE 2023 

Mark your calendars for Summer LIFE 2023! Please note a change in locations for next summer and plan to join us in California or Ohio. If you have questions about summer LIFE, please contact Erica Duarte at [email protected].

LIFE Session One – Occidental, California
Moderators: June 15 – 23, 2023
Students: June 18 – 23, 2023

LIFE Session Two – Dayton, Ohio
Moderators: July 7 – 14, 2023
Students: July 9 – 14, 2023

LIFE Session Three – Dayton, Ohio
Moderators: July 19 – 26, 2023
Students: July 21 – 26, 2023