Marianist Characteristics

What common elements characterize and distinguish Marianist apostolic works? How are the mission, identity and founding charism of the Society of Mary animated in its ministries today? The answer is through a beautifully crafted series of documents that articulate the uniqueness of Catholic, Marianist ministries.

Characteristics of Marianist Education

  • Educate for Formation in Faith
  • Provide an Integral, Quality Education
  • Educate in Family Spirit
  • Educate for Service, Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation
  • Educate for Adaptation and Change

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Characteristics of Marianist Retreat Ministry

  • Community
  • Social Justice
  • Collaboration
  • Evangelization
  • Education

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Principal Characteristics of Marianist Administration

  • Marianist Organizational Culture
  • Marianist Organizational Structure
  • Marianist Organizational Processes
  • Marianist Organizational Assets
  • Spiritual Assets

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