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Friday, Aug. 7, 2015

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Hispanic Ministry Training

Youth ministers gather at St. Mary’s University to learn how to be effective with Hispanic young people. Photo by Robin Jerstad

“Three years ago, I was given a mandate by the Marianists to focus on Hispanic outreach in higher education,” says Bro. José Julián Matos-Auffant, minister for spiritual development at St. Mary’s University. He looked for a training workshop that would help him in his new assignment, but there weren’t any. “That’s when our campus ministry team decided we’d have to come up with our own,” says Bro. José.

His team’s initiative is gaining momentum.

Earlier this summer, St. Mary’s hosted the third annual Hispanic youth ministry training called “Messengers of Faith and Hope.” Twenty-six young adults from eight institutions, organizations and dioceses in the Southwest attended the weeklong workshop in San Antonio to hear guest speakers, participate in panel discussions and brainstorm ways to attract and keep Hispanic youth in the Church.

“Creating a welcoming atmosphere, offering Masses in Spanish and integrating the cultural heritage of young adults are crucial steps,” says Bro. José.

Hispanics account for more than half of U.S. Catholics younger than 30, according to statistics compiled by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. “We’ve seen the urgency of reaching out to this large number of young people,” says Bro. José.


Participants of the Lay Marianist international encounter gather outside the Catacombs of San Francisco in Lima, Peru. Photo courtesy of Clare Acosta.

Participants of the Lay Marianist international encounter gather outside the Catacombs of San Francisco in Lima, Peru. Photo courtesy of Clare Acosta.

The Spanish word convivencia means “living with,” and it’s the idea on which a recent international encounter of young adult Lay Marianists was built. The translation doesn’t capture its full meaning, according to Clare Acosta, a bilingual member of the Adèle Social Justice Project (ASJP) team that sponsored the encounter. ASJP is part of the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative.

This summer Clare traveled with 11 young adults from the United States — almost all of them alumni of Marianist universities — to Peru to live in community with their Peruvian peers in a cross-cultural exchange. The week-long gathering took place at a Marianist retreat house in Callao. “We formed an intentional Marianist community so that we could learn with one another,” says Clare, who is also a member of the campus ministry team at St. Mary’s University.

Participants examined two social issues affecting their countries: racism and gender inequality. “We were so engaged in these discussions,” says Clare. “No one wanted them to end.” As part of the encounter, participants cooked, ate, washed dishes and got to know one other as family. “Our dream is to do something like this again in a couple of years,” says Clare.

Read a reflection from participant Michela Buccini. Learn more about the Adèle Social Justice Project.

Bro. Lester Kaehler

Bro. Lester Kaehler is vice rector at the Marianist seminary in Rome. He accompanies young men as they prepare for priestly service in the Society of Mary and the Church. Bro. Les has decades of experience in vocation formation, including many years in Peru, Chile and India.

What do you see as the most important aspect of your role?
To be myself: a Marianist lay religious with 58 years of international experience who has some gifts and talents, along with human limitations and sinfulness. I strive to accompany the seminarians in a serious community life, and to work closely with our rector, Fr. Pachi (Fr. Francisco Canseco).

How does a brother help form men for the priesthood?
Just by being a “brother” among them so that they don’t forget that Marianist brothers and priests are called to live a close community life together, with equal rights and responsibilities – as well as joys and struggles – in a common mission.

Do you have a good “when in Rome” story to share?
I like to be a typical Roman pedestrian by crossing streets at the crosswalks – or not – without looking directly at the oncoming traffic – just trusting that cars will stop for me. I’m still alive, so I guess I get a passing grade.

Berrios Reinaldo folSt. Mary’s University has named Bro. Reinaldo Berríos to its board of trustees. Bro. Reinaldo directs the guidance office at Colegio San José in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is a lecturer at the University of Puerto Rico.
Campbell William fol The University of Dayton has named Bro. Bill Campbell as a member of its board of trustees. Bro. Bill directs the Marianist Office of Formation for Mission and is a UD alumnus. He is one of six new trustees on the 32-member board. Among his upcoming responsibilities will be voting on a new president to replace Dr. Dan Curran, who is stepping down at the end of the 2015-16 school year.
Sr. Grace Walle, campus minister for St. Mary’s University School of Law, was featured in Elite Attorneys SA, a magazine about San Antonio law firms and lawyers. Former student Jenee Gonzales is quoted in the article: “It was (Sr. Grace’s) exuberant energy and the twinkle in her eye that gave me a sense of calmness and comfort during what is a very stressful year.” Read the article. Grace fol
Trahan fol Sr. Nicole Trahan and Bro. Brandon Paluch recently were featured in an article called “Step Joyfully” in the University of Dayton Magazine. The article describes how they share the grace of a religious vocation with others. The pair are part of the vocation team at UD. Read the article. Paluch Brandon fol
See more jubilee photos!

These Marianists celebrated jubilees in Cupertino, California earlier this summer. Front: Bro. Thomas Deasy, 60 years of profession; Fr. Robert Hackel, 50 years of ordination; Fr. Joseph Stefanelli, 75 years of profession; Fr. Lawrence Mann, 70 years of ordination. Back: Representing the Provincial Council, Bros. Charles Johnson and Edward Brink; Bro. Stanley Murakami, 60 years of profession; Bro. Lawrence Scrivani, 50 years of profession; Bro. Gary Morris, 50 years of profession and Bro. Bob Juenemann, 60 years of profession

These Marianists celebrated jubilees in Cupertino, California on June 6. Front: Bro. Thomas Deasy, 60 years of profession; Fr. Robert Hackel, 50 years of ordination; Fr. Joseph Stefanelli, 75 years of profession; Fr. Lawrence Mann, 70 years of ordination. Back: Representing the Provincial Council, Bros. Charles Johnson and Edward Brink; Bro. Stanley Murakami, 60 years of profession; Bro. Lawrence Scrivani, 50 years of profession; Bro. Gary Morris, 50 years of profession and Bro. Bob Juenemann, 60 years of profession. Cupertino photos by Curt Dennison.

Frs. Paul Fitzpatrick, Paul Landolfi and Pat Tonry celebrated jubilees on Aug. 1.

Celebrating jubilees on Aug. 1 in Douglaston, New York, were Fr. Paul Fitzpatrick, 50 years of profession and Frs. Paul Landolfi and Pat Tonry, 60 and 50 years of ordination respectively. Photo by Bro. Mike Chiuri.

Bro. Ed Brink congratulates Fr. Larry Mann on his 70 years of ordination. Behind Bro. Ed are Fr. Steve Tutas and Bro. Tom Redmond

Bro. Ed Brink congratulates Fr. Larry Mann on his 70 years of ordination. Behind Bro. Ed are Fr. Steve Tutas and Bro. Tom Redmond.


Jub head copy
Each year, the Society of Mary recognizes the brothers and priests who are celebrating milestones of their first profession of vows, or their priestly ordination. As we have for the last several months, we are dedicating a section of FamilyOnline to honor these men and their commitment to their ministries. We invite you to join us in prayers of celebration for them.
1 Fitz James FR. JAMES FITZ – 50 years of profession
In the book of Proverbs we read: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Marianist life has given me a vision. It is a vision expressed well in the opening chapter of our Rule of Life: “Our goal is to be transformed into His (Christ’s) likeness and to work for the coming of His kingdom.” In whatever I have done as a Marianist religious, the vision and dream of God’s kingdom has been the inspiration for my ministry and life. Read more.
2 Fitzpatrick Paul FR. PAUL FITZPATRICK – 50 years of profession
Often in my life, I have thought of that quote from John 15:16, “You did not choose me, but I chose you.” I entered the postulate at 16, knowing that I wanted to be a teaching brother — though I could have been a teacher without being a brother, and I doubt I could have explained the choice. A year after I made final vows, I realized that whatever gifts I had in ministry, I could best give them through sacramental ministry, and my call to priesthood finally made sense to me. Read more.
3 Kozar Joseph FR. JOSEPH KOZAR – 50 years of profession
As I look at the past 50 years of religious life, I see the serendipity of historical circumstances. I entered the novitiate in 1965, just prior to the decrees of the Second Vatican Council being put into effect. That Advent, the Catholic Church changed. The grand Latin transcendent and universal liturgy gave way to the Mass in English. Read more.
4 Morris Gary BRO. GARY MORRIS – 50 years of profession
When I was a kid, not yet 18 years old, entering the novitiate in Santa Cruz, California, I was unaware of what it meant to be a brother in the Society of Mary. However, I knew there were a number of wonderful members of that Society who taught, mentored and nurtured me though Riordan High School in San Francisco – men who, through their examples and their literal invitations, wanted me to join them in their mission. Read more.
Marianist Novices BRO. MICHAEL O’GRADY – 50 years of profession
I like to remember how young and dumb I was when I first decided to join the Marianists at Cathedral Latin School in Cleveland, Ohio. I came from a family with a strong Catholic faith, and so it was not too abnormal. But in this life, I have grown to appreciate how God acts constantly throughout our lives. There are so many stories of grace when I look back over 50 years, and they just keep happening. Read more.




Imagine a whole weekend devoted to nurturing family bonds through laughter, recreation and prayer in an environment infused with a Marianist sense of community. That’s what the new Family Impact Camp at Tecaboca is all about. “We wanted to offer an affordable camp for families who don’t have time for a four-day family retreat, but still want to strengthen their families and their faith,” says Kay Tally-Foos, executive director of the Marianist-sponsored camp and retreat center in Mountain Home, Texas.

The Family Impact Camp, first offered in June, focuses on building family relationships through recreational activities — water sports, horseback riding, archery and crafts — as well as campfires and cookouts. “We modeled this after our boys camp which provides a fun, recreational experience in a Christian environment,” says Kay.

Tecaboca also hosted family retreats in July and early August. Throughout the year, Tecaboca offers retreats for women, men, couples and young adults. See photos!

Learn more about camps and retreats at Tecaboca.


“Military friendly” and “hidden gem” are two distinctions recently used to describe Chaminade University of Honolulu. BestColleges.Com named Chaminade among its Top 45 Military Friendly Colleges; it received the top ranking of any school in Hawai’i. In addition, an online college-matching site called College Raptor named CUH the best hidden gem institution in the state – a school that “may be overlooked by many students but that stands out in terms of academic rigor and student success.”


The summer issue of ALIVE magazine is now available! Layout 1
The cover story features Bro. Norbert Karpfinger who works tirelessly on behalf of a daycare center in impoverished East St. Louis, Illinois. Other stories describe “fair trade” designations earned by Marianist schools and an immersion trip to Los Angeles’ Skid Row by students from Marianist universities.
The issue also includes the 2014 annual report, honoring the many who contribute to the mission of the Marianists. ALIVE recently earned first place in the “General Excellence – Religious Order Magazines” category from the Catholic Press Association. Read the issue online.
Get your free subscription! Please include your full name and mailing address in the email.
Evelyn Carey, Dr. Joseph Ernst, Robert Flynn, Bro. Giuseppe Ginevri, SM, Marvin Klar, Kevin Mulhern, Cole Owens, Fr. Urs Schenker, SM, and Helen “Sis” Stanek. Read more.
Those in need of prayers for healing. Read more.
Obituaries of Marianist brothers and priests since 2007. Read more.


Chaminade fol A Moment with Blessed Chaminade
“With a little time and patience, with the help of God and the protection of the Blessed Virgin, we will accomplish everything we set out to do.”




Young adults are invited to step away from their busy lives to enjoy a contemplative exercise based on the spirituality of Marianist Family founder Venerable Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon. Participants will learn ways to keep a sense of contemplation while gaining energy to pursue the mission of social justice.

This event is rooted in Catholic and Marianist spirituality and is open to young adults of all faith traditions. Invite friends!

The event is Saturday, Aug. 15, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Our Lady of the Pillar Parish. A $5 donation will help cover the cost of lunch. RSVP or questions.

Landolfi, Paul FOL This month, Fr. Paul Landolfi shares the text of an article from the London Tablet about Marianist martyr Blessed Jakob Gapp, an Austrian priest who was murdered by the Nazis in 1943. Fr. Paul is the U.S. Province liaison to the postulator general for Marianist causes.



Cleveland’s Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

All are invited to a Mass and reception Sept. 13 at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Cleveland, Ohio, to commemorate the Marianists’ 159 years of service to the Diocese of Cleveland.

Mass is at 3 p.m.; a reception follows. See the invitation for more information. Please RSVP by Aug. 31.

Although there are no longer Marianist communities in Cleveland, the charism of Blessed Chaminade continues through Marianist sponsorship of Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School and the Marianist Urban Students Program, as well as through the presence of many committed Lay Marianists in the area.



August 13: Memorial of Blessed Jakob Gapp, priest and martyr
August 15: Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary
August 22:
Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary


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