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Volume 15, Number 4

April 7, 2016


Members of the Lopez and Garcia families gather with retreat leader Catalina Shockey (center) at the Marianist Family Retreat Center.

Members of the Murillo and Pérez-Alfaro families gather with retreat leader Catalina Shorkey (center) at the Marianist Family Retreat Center. Aleks Moryakov photo

Latino families are under stress. Just ask Catalina Shorkey, a volunteer who for six years has led a Latino Family Retreat at the Marianist Family Retreat Center in New Jersey. “Most parents put in long work days trying to make ends meet, and children struggle with a lot of uncertainty,” said Catalina. “They need time to unwind and receive spiritual nourishment.”

Not surprising, the Latino Family Retreat had a waiting list again this year. Ten families – a total of 42 adults and children – gathered in early March for a weekend to share stories, heal and reconnect.

Marianist family retreats engage the whole family in activities and family discussions. “Latino children face different anxieties than their peers,” said Catalina. “They worry about whether an uncle will get deported, or what will happen to their aunt who is undocumented. They are uncertain about their future. This is their reality,” she said.   

The retreat, organized by Jessica Sherwen, retreat program director, was facilitated by Catalina and a retreat support team. “I love doing these retreats because I know how much it means to these families,” said Catalina. “By the end of the retreat, the kids are begging to come back next year.” 


How can members of the Marianist Family make a real difference in their communities? Take part in answering that question by attending a Changemakers weekend.
Changemakers: Creating New
Responses for New Times
2016 Changemakers fol
San Antonio, Texas: July 22–24
Dayton, Ohio: Oct. 28–30
These events will explore how members of the Marianist Family and other seekers of justice can address economic, environmental and social issues. Sponsored by the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative and the Marianist Province Office of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation, these weekends will include keynote speakers and time for discussion, prayer and action. Participants can join in person or online.
Learn more.
Grace Pancipanci
Grace Pancipanci, RN, is the director of nursing at the Cupertino (California) Marianist Community, which is home to about 30 Marianists, most of whom are elderly. She has served the community for 21 years.
What is the most important personality trait you’ve needed on the job?
Unconditional love. Love enables me to consider the wholeness of a person without any preconceived beliefs; it opens up endless possibilities beyond what modern medicine can do. I know love is not a cure for illness, but it is essential in the healing process.

Pancipanci fol3

David Toerge photo

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I love the opportunity of learning and growing from inside out through my daily experiences. The Marianists’ teaching ministry is redefined here, and it is powerful. These men may no longer be in the classroom, but they have ways of giving us wisdom — they show their values in action, and demonstrate how to live life gracefully while aging.
Last fall, you became a Marianist Affiliate. What drew you to take this step?
The Marianist charism speaks to what’s in my heart and what I’d like my path to look like. It has been a profound experience to find myself in tune with the values of the Marianists.
Around 125 members of the Marianist Family took part in the April 3 dedication of the new Chaminade Center at Mount Saint John in Dayton. The new building houses the North American Center for Marianist Studies (NACMS) and the Madeleine Room, which is designed for hosting Marianist Family events.

Carol Ramey fol

NACMS Director Carol Ramey welcomed those gathered for the April 3 dedication ceremony.

Fr. Martin Solma, provincial, led the brief dedication ceremony. Carol Ramey, director of NACMS, offered an introduction to the history and mission of the organization. Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski, MHSH, director of the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives at the University of Dayton, spoke on “The Art of Being Human in a Digital Culture.”
Following the presentations, visitors were invited to tour the new facility and enjoy refreshments. See more photos.

Laura Luehrmann-Burdick and sons Andrew (left) and Jakob joined Fr. Jerry Chinchar in celebrating the buidling dedication.

Laura Luehrmann-Burdick and sons Andrew (left) and Jakob joined Fr. Jerry Chinchar in celebrating the  dedication of the Chaminade Center. Photos courtesy Patti Gehred


Behlmann Cletus fol Artist Bro. Cletus Behlmann and Fiesta Oyster Bake are two long-time San Antonio favorites that have combined for this year’s 100th anniversary of the fabled event. Bro. Cletus created the poster for the gathering, which takes place April 15-16 at St. Mary’s University. See the whole poster. OB-composter-2016_18x24-4
Heft fol Fr. Jim Heft is the coeditor of a new book, In the Lógos of Love – Promise and Predicament in Catholic Intellectual Life. The book is a collection of essays tracing the tradition of Catholic intellectual life and how it applies in the modern day. More here. Fr. Jim is president of the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies, which this month is co-sponsoring a conference called “Centesimus Annus: 25 Years Later” at the Vatican. Read more.
Kenney tim fol Fr. Tim Kenney has been selected to serve on the Leadership Development Council of the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). He will provide “from-the-field advice” to NCEA professional development and marketing communications teams. Fr. Tim is chaplain at St. John Vianney High School.
Wendorf Tom fol Bro. Tom Wendorf recently was named to the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame at his alma mater, Brunswick High School in Brunswick, Ohio. Bro. Tom is a member of the Brunswick High Class of 1982. He serves as vocation director for the Marianists.
Bro. Peter Pontolillo was recognized last week by the National Catholic Educational Association for attending 50 consecutive NCEA conferences. Tom Burnford, NCEA interim president, presented Bro. Peter with a certificate at  the conference in San Diego.
Marianist Assistant for Education Bro. Tom Giardino with Bro. Peter Pontolillo and Tom Burnford, NCEA interim president. Photo courtesy Bro. Tom
A new cohort of the Marianist Lay Formation Initiative met in St. Louis in March for its opening retreat, beginning a year-long process of formation and education. Bro. Tom Giardino, assistant for education for the Marianists, led a session on the Marianist charism and leadership. The new MLFI cohort includes Kelly Brenner, Christie Catterson, Beth Fedick, Jenee Gonzales, Jacob Henson, Matt Keller,  Annette Kovarik, Amairany Sanchez, Silvana Ventucci and Mark Zeitzman.

Members of the Marianist Lay Formation Initiative join members of the Marianist Provincial Council at the Province office in St. Louis in March.

Members of the Marianist Lay Formation Initiative join members of the Marianist Provincial Council at the Province office in St. Louis in March. Photo courtesy Pati Krasensky




Having spent months planning a trip to St. Louis, students from Colegio San José (CSJ), a Marianist-sponsored school in Puerto Rico, were eager to see the Gateway Arch and the Cathedral Basilica, and to take in a St. Louis Blues hockey game. But it was much more than a tourist jaunt. “Our primary focus was to bring the Marianist Family a little bit closer,” said Antonio Mari, CSJ campus minister, who accompanied the students.

Colegio San José students visit St. Louis' Gateway Arch in March.

Colegio San José students visit St. Louis’ Gateway Arch in March.

Chaminade College Prep (St. Louis) students gather with their Colegio San José peers in Puerto Rico.

Chaminade College Prep (St. Louis) students gather with their Colegio San José peers in Puerto Rico in February. Antonio Mari photos

Five CSJ students visited Chaminade College Preparatory for four days in early March as part of an exchange program; Chaminade students had visited CSJ the previous month as part of the school’s Global Reach initiative.

The CSJ students were all “equipistas” – peer ministers – in their campus ministry program, which they call “Juventud Marianista.” Some of the boys had attended Marianist LIFE camp.

While at Chaminade, they spent time with their St. Louis counterparts who are active in campus ministry. “We wanted our boys to experience the Marianist charism in another part of the United States, and realize that they are part of a big Marianist Family,” said Antonio. See more photos.


As part of the Cost of Povery Experience, some students were assigned the additional responsibility and cost of children.

As part of the Cost of Poverty Experience, some students were assigned the additional responsibility and cost of children.

Chaminade Julienne juniors draw their randomly assigned life situations as part of the COPE simulation.

With the help of religion teacher Karen Emmerich, Chaminade Julienne juniors draw their randomly assigned life situations as part of the COPE simulation.

In mid-March, juniors at Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School in Dayton participated in a one-day simulation of the perks and perils of social class. Through the Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE), each student was randomly assigned to live in poverty, wealth or the middle class. They then had to apply that status to tasks such as finding employment or going shopping.
“One of the things we have the students in the wealthy class do is package up some canned goods. We have them go over to the folks in poverty and tell them, ‘here, I thought you might need this,’ and then walk away,” said John Wilson, one of COPE facilitators. The goal is for the students to experience the lack of real connection, which provides a springboard for later discussion.
“The things that happened challenged our students’ ideas about what it means to be in each of these social classes,” said religion teacher Karen Emmerich. “I think this opened their eyes about the differences among them, but also helped develop their sense of empathy and understanding of how the world works.” Read more.
Marianist schools observed Holy Week in a variety of ways. Middle schoolers at Chaminade College Preparatory (Chatsworth, California) reenacted the Last Supper, while students and staff members at Colegio San José (San Juan, Puerto Rico) performed a dramatic Stations of the Cross. See more photos.

Stations of the Cross at Colegio San José.

Stations of the Cross at Colegio San José.

The Last Supper at Chaminade College Preparatory. Jan D. Dixon photo

The Last Supper at Chaminade College Preparatory. Jan D. Dixon photo

Lead, Contemplate, Innovate: 2016 Colloquium for Catholic Educators
Spiritual leadership development, Christian meditation and innovative classroom technology are three focal points of the 2016 Colloquium – Lead, Contemplate, Innovate taking place June 23-25 at the University of Dayton. Chapel logo Catholic Education fol
This event is dedicated to enriching Catholic education and programming and is sponsored by the University of Dayton Center for Catholic Education, St. Remy Initiative and the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives.
This year’s presenters include Fr. Michael Fish of the New Camaldoli Hermitage, Paul Tratnyek from the World Community for Christian Meditation, Gail Donahue from Notre Dame of Maryland University, Katie Poeppelmeier with Southwestern Ohio Instructional Technology Association, and Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski, from the University of Dayton.
The event is appropriate for Catholic educators at all levels. Learn more.




Recent deaths of Marianist Family members and friends.
Those in need of prayers for healing.
Obituaries of Marianist brothers and priests (U.S. Province) since 2007.
“Do not neglect prayer, however busy you may be.”
Tecaboca is once again offering a busy slate of retreats and camps in the away-from-it-all setting in the Texas Hill Country. Among the offerings are a Mother’s Day weekend, your choice of family camps, as well as the traditional (and beloved) boys camp. Learn more! tecaboca-sign-v8-18
The spring issue of the Marianists’ award-winning Alive magazine is now available. This issue features Marianist LIFE through multiple generations, Lay Marianists involved in prison ministry in Honolulu and a “Global Reach” program at a Marianist high school. Read the issue. We invite you to get a free subscription to the print version. Subscribe now.
Landolfi, Paul FOL This month, Fr. Paul Landolfi shares with us a video produced by the Marianist Province of Meribah at Chaminade High School in New York. The video (below) offers reasons why Blessed Chaminade remains relevant today.
Fr. Paul is the U.S. Province liaison to the postulator general for Marianist causes.

Blessed Chaminade once wrote that the Blessed Mother is the “promised woman who is to crush the serpent’s head.” Perhaps this provided special inspiration for Srs. Caitlin Cipolla-McCulloch and LaVon Kampf in mid-March.

Sr. Caitlin

Sr. Caitlin

Sr. LaVon

Sr. LaVon

The serpent

The serpent

A small viper – believed to be a prairie rattlesnake – made an appearance in the living room of the sisters’ San Antonio community. Sr. LaVon swept the snake onto the patio. Sr. Caitlin then dispatched it when it neglected to vacate the premises.


Feast days April 8: Birthday of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, 1761
May 1: St. Joseph the Worker

Bro. Phil Aaron
Srs. Gabrielle Bibeau and Caitlin Cipolla-McCulloch
Fr. Mike Nartker
Fr. John Thompson
Susan Vogt

Bro. Brian Zampier


Gifts & Tasks from the International Organization of Marianist Lay Communities
InFormation from the International Center for Marianist Formation

Justice Jottings from the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative
Magnificat from the World Council of the Marianist Family
The Open Window from Bergamo Center for Lifelong Learning
Via Latina from the Marianist General Administration



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