June 2021

Recent Deaths

Please join us in prayer for these members of the Marianist Family

Fr. Rosaire Côté (Area Community of Canada), 89, died June 17 in Saint- Anselme, Québec, Canada.

Family Members and Friends

Deacon David Amelotti died June 22. Deacon David was a parent of a Chaminade College Preparatory School graduate and friend of the Marianists at Chaminade. Intention submitted by Fr. Oscar Vasquez (St. Louis).

Jeannette Eden died May 30. Jeannette was the mother of Fr. Tim Eden (San Antonio).

Terry Flynn died May 31. Terry was the father of a recent graduate of St. John Vianney High School, St. Louis. Intention submitted by Fr. Tim Kenney (St. Louis).

Nell (Langlinais) Heffernan, 92, died June 4. Nell was the sister of deceased Marianist, J. Willis Langlinais. Intention submitted by Fr. Oscar Vasquez (St. Louis).

John Mohr died June 2. John was a long-time teacher and coach at St. John Vianney High School, St. Louis. Intention submitted by Fr. Tim Kenney (St. Louis).

Paula Cook died June 9. Paula was a Marianist Affiliate from Princeton, Texas. Intention submitted by Fr. Al McMenamy (St. Louis).

Wi Sa Kim died June 24. Wi Sa was the mother of Bianca Fujita, a member of the Faith of the Heart Marianist Lay Community, Hawaii. Intention submitted by Bro. Dennis Schmitz (Honolulu, Hawaii).

Those in need of prayers and healing

Bro. Juan Manuel Azamar (Puebla, Mexico)

Bro. Paul Bredestege (Dayton, Ohio)

Bro. DuWayne Brisendine (San Antonio)

Bro. Juan Pablo Espinoza Chávez (Puebla, Mexico)

Fr. Gerald Chinchar (San Antonio)

Bro. Harry Cornell (San Antonio)

Bro. Richard Dix (San Antonio)

Bro. Michael Galvin (San Antonio)

Bro. Steve Grazulis (Region of Eastern Africa)

Fr. Bob Hackel (Cupertino, California)

Bro. Will Halloway (Dayton, Ohio)

Bro. Bob Hanss (San Antonio)

Bro. Paul Jablinski (Dayton, Ohio)

Fr. Cris Janson (San Antonio)

Bro. Charles Johnson (Dayton, Ohio)

Bro. Robert Juenemann (Cupertino, California)

Bro. Norbert Karpfinger (San Antonio)

Bro. Jim Leahy (Cupertino, California)

Fr. John Leies (San Antonio)

Bro. Earl Leistikow (San Antonio)

Bro. John Lemker (Dayton, Ohio)

Bro. Ed Longbottom (Cincinnati)

Fr. Ted Ley (West Hills, California)

Fr. George Montague (San Antonio)

Bro. Peter Pontolillo (San Antonio)

Bro. Bob Resing (St. Louis)

Bro. José Jesús Ruíz Santillán (Puebla, Mexico)

Bro. Jack Somerville (Cupertino, California)

Fr. Joe Uvietta (San Antonio)

Bro. Kevin Whelan (Hollywood, Florida)

Brothers of the Marianist Residence (San Antonio)

Brothers of the Siena Woods Marianist Community & all residents of Siena Woods Care Community (Dayton, Ohio)

Our Marianist Brothers and Sisters in India

Sr. Mary Louise Foley (Marianist Sisters, Dayton)

Ruth Ament, the 93-year-old sister of Bro. Don Smith (Huntsville, Ohio)

Fred Blatnik, a former member of the former Cincinnati Province. Intention submitted by Bro. Jack Somerville (Cupertino, California).

Roberta Fitzpatrick, a Marianist Affiliate from Cupertino, California. Intention submitted by Bro. David Betz (West Hills, California).

Susan Keller, mother of Lauren Boyd, NACMS Office Coordinator (Dayton, Ohio)

Emily Klein, 18, the niece of Shelly and Joe Hebrank, a St. John Vianney High School alum. Intention submitted by Fr. Tim Kenney (St. Louis).

Peggy Lopez, sister of Bro. Jack Somerville (Cupertino, California)

Bob and Kathy Toia. Bob is a member of Common Bond. Intention submitted by Myron Achbach, Common Bond.

Bob Wagner, a long-time family friend of Fr. Bob Jones

Let us continue to pray for our country and our world during this COVID-19 pandemic. We remember our Marianist Family members who have loved ones who are ill with the virus and those who mourn the loss of a loved one from the virus. We pray for all those who are ministering on the frontlines and those sheltering-in-place during this challenging time.