January/February 2018

Please join us in prayer for these members of the Marianist Family

Recent deaths


Bro. Leoncio Diez (Province of Spain), 74, died Dec. 7 in Madrid, Spain.

Bro. Josef Erpen (Area Community of Switzerland), 95, died Dec. 24 in Sion, Switzerland.

Bro. Crescencio Fernandez Ortiz (Region of Chile), 81, died Dec. 8 in Santiago, Chile.

Family members and friends

David Abmayr died Dec. 15. David was the brother of Sr. Marie Abmayr, FMI, (Centerville, Ohio) and deceased Fr. George Abmayr.

Jack Bellford died recently. Jack was the cousin of Bro. Ralph Neumann (San Antonio).

Maureen Farnan died Dec. 28. Maureen was a long-time family friend of Fr. Bob Jones (Dayton).

Temple Henderson died Dec. 23. Temple was a good friend of the Marianists and staff at Tecaboca (Mountain Home, Texas).

Rosario (Rosie) Jundo died Dec. 30. Rosario was the aunt of pre-novice Emily Sandoval (Dayton).

Sr. Carol Kaiman died Dec. 23. Sr. Carol was the cousin of Bro. Jerry Sullivan (San Antonio).

Paul Karpfinger died Dec. 10. Paul was the brother of Bro. Norbert Karpfinger (San Antonio).

Terry Lee died recently. Terry was a former employee of Marianist Hall, Honolulu. Intention submitted by Bro. Allen Pacquing (Honolulu).

Robert Nutty died Dec. 23. Robert was a former Marianist and former member of the St. Laurence College Board of Management (Dublin, Ireland).

Betty Ann Perkins died Dec. 30. Betty Ann was the sister of Bro. Bill Behringer (San Antonio).

Paul Schirmer died Jan 1. Paul was a former Marianist. Intention submitted by Bro. Tom Trager (Baltimore).

Norma Schmitz died Dec. 26. Norma was the mother of Bro. Dennis Schmitz (Honolulu).

Nuas Soreng died Dec. 30. Nuas was the father of Bro. George Soreng (District of India).

Carolyn Uvietta died Dec. 15. Carolyn was the sister-in-law of Fr. Joe Uvietta (St. Louis).

Pedro Zuniga died recently. Pedro was the uncle of Martitel Suniga, a Chaminade University employee. Intention submitted by Bro. Allen Pacquing (Honolulu)

Those in need of prayers for healing


Bro. Larry Cada (Dayton)

Bro. Tom Deasy (Cupertino, California)

Bro. Jim Droste (San Antonio)

Fr. Joseph Hartzler (Cupertino, California)

Fr. Ed Jach (Dayton)

Fr. Bernard Lee (San Antonio)

Fr. John Leies (San Antonio)

Fr. Paul Reich (Dayton)

Bro. John Samaha (Cupertino, California)

Bro. Richard Thompson (San Antonio)

Bro. Bernard Zalewski (Dayton)

Bro. Ed Zamierowski (Dayton)

Sr. Marcia Buchard, FMI (Dayton)

Family members and friends

Tom Arquilla, a former Aspirant and graduate of Chaminade Julienne High School, Dayton. Intention submitted by Bro. Bob Wiethorn (Dayton).

The grandfather of Brianna Carrillo, a student at St. Mary’s University. Intention submitted by Bro. Tim Pieprzyca (San Antonio).

William Christensen, a former Marianist. Intention submitted by Bro. Steve Glodek (Philadelphia).

Mary Ann Crosby, a friend of the Marianists in San Antonio. Intention submitted by Bro. Mike O’Grady (San Antonio).

Lewie Domke, a graduate of Chaminade College Preparatory (St. Louis). Intention submitted by Bro. Tim Pieprzyca (San Antonio).

Becky Donnelly, the wife of Dan Donnelly, Office of Sponsorship (St. Louis)

Susan Hanratty, the mother of Maureen Berry, faculty member at Chaminade College Preparatory (St. Louis). Intention submitted by Fr. Ralph Siefert (St. Louis).

Richard Hoke, a graduate of Saint Louis School. Intention submitted by Bro. Frank Gomes (Wailuku, Maui, Hawai’i).

Vincent Jorn, the nephew of Bro. Delmar Jorn (District of India)

Savariammal Arulappen Karaveedu, the mother of Bro. Ignase Arulappen (Dayton)

Jack Krumm, a Lay Marianist. Intention submitted by Sr. Laura Leming (Dayton).

Claire Kummer, the granddaughter of Dan Donnelly, the Office of Sponsorship (St. Louis).

Donna McMenamy, the sister of Fr. Al McMenamy (St. Louis)

Bertina Swoboda, a Marianist Affiliate from Omaha. Nebraska. Intention submitted by Fr. Al McMenamy.

Jack Schmitt, a former Marianist

Cynthia Scarbrough, a Marianist Affiliate in Coppell, Texas. Intention submitted by Fr. Al McMenamy.

Brenda Vogel, a friend and former student of Bro. Tim Pieprzyca (San Antonio)