June 2020

Recent Deaths

Please join us in prayer for these members of the Marianist Family

Fr. N’dja Okouin Pierre (Province of France and District of Ivory Coast), 58, died June 2, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.


Kenneth Barbieri died March 30. Kenneth was a retired teacher and alumni of Archbishop Riordan High School, San Francisco. Intention submitted by Bro. Bill Bolts (Cupertino, California).

Henry Gualdoni died June 21. Henry was a former guidance counselor at St. Mary’s High School, St. Louis. Intention submitted by Bro. Ed Loch (San Antonio).

Marilyn Grueninger died June 20. Marilyn was the cousin of Bro. Bob Donovan (Cincinnati).

Barbara Holmes died May 20. Barbara was the parent of four St. Laurence College (Dublin, Ireland) alumni and friend of the Marianist Community. Intention submitted by Fr. Michael Reaume (Dublin, Ireland).

Mary Lou Johnson died May 14. Mary Lou was the mother of Professor Denise Hackman at Chaminade University of Honolulu School of Nursing and Health Professions. Intention submitted by Bro. Allen Pacquing (San Antonio).

Mary Anielak Long died May 29. Mary was the aunt and godmother of Terry Evesole (Province Offfice, St. Louis).

Fr. Bill Marshall died May 20. Fr. Bill was a former Marianist. Intention submitted by Bro. Bill Bolts (Cupertino, California).

Kathyrn Noguchi died June 7. Kathryn was the mother-in-law of Dr. Amber Noguchi, Chaminade University of Honolulu. Intention submitted by Brother Allen Pacquing (San Antonio).

Dan Scheulen died June 4. Dan was the uncle of Bernadette McCaffrey Groner (Province Offices, St. Louis)

Judie Schiml died June 20. Judie was the sister-in-law of former Marianist religious Harry Mushenheim and sister-in-law of Nancy Terrell, a long-time employee of University of Dayton. Intention submitted by Sr. Laura Leming (Marianist Sisters, Dayton, Ohio).

Those in need of prayers and healing

Fr. Norbert Burns (Dayton, Ohio)

Fr. Jim Bartlett (Dayton, Ohio)

Bro. Jim Brown (Dayton, Ohio)

Fr. Gerald Chinchar (San Antonio)

Bro. Harry Cornell (San Antonio)

Bro. José Degorio (Honolulu)

Bro. Victor Forlani (Dayton, Ohio)

Bro. Michael Galvin (San Antonio)

Fr. Bob Hackel (Cupertino, California)

Fr. Joseph Hartzler (Cupertino, California)

Bro. Paul Hoffman (Dayton, Ohio)

Fr. Cris Janson (San Antonio)

Bro. Robert Juenemann (San Jose, California)

Bro. Jim Leahy (Cupertino, California)

Fr. John Leies (San Antonio)

Bro. Ed Loch (San Antonio)

Fr. Ray Malley (Cupertino, California)

Fr. John Manahan (San Antonio)

Fr. George Montague (San Antonio)

Fr. Jim Mueller (San Antonio)

Bro. Mike Murphy (Cupertino, California)

Fr. Patrick Philbin (Orange, California)

Bro. Ed Shiras (Cupertino, California)

Bro. Ed Unferdorfer (Dayton, Ohio)

Fr. Joe Uvietta (San Antonio)

Bro. Vince Wayer (Cupertino, California)

Brothers of the Marianist Residence (San Antonio)

Sr. Mary Louise Foley (Marianist Sisters, Dayton)

Joan Juenemann, the sister of Bro. Bob Juenemann (San Jose, California). Intention submitted by Bro. Jack Somerville (Cupertino, California).

Marilyn Knueven Grueninger, the cousin of Bro. Bob Donovan (Cincinnati)

Patricia Lynch, the sister of Fr. Michael Reaume (Dublin, Ireland)

Joseph McNeill, the father of Kathy and Frank Fanger, Marianist Affiliates from Cupertino, California. Intention submitted by Bro. Jack Somerville (Cupertino, California).

Brendan Paeplow, the newborn son of Mary Kate and Scott Paeplow, campus minister at the University of Dayton. Intention submitted by Sr. Laura Leming (Marianist Sisters, Dayton, Ohio).

Ken Pfohl, a Marianist Affiliate leader from Milwaukee. Intention submitted by Fr. Al McMenamy (St. Louis).

Mary Prier, alumna of Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School and the University of Dayton. Intention submitted by Fr. Bob Jones (Dayton, Ohio).

Mrs. Tabby Quarles, mother of Chaminade College Preparatory School (St. Louis) alumni as well as a dedicated volunteer. Intention submitted by Fr.Ralph Siefert (St. Louis).

Neil Schram and Anna Schmitt, husband and daughter of Lay Marianist, Jo Ann Zanotti (Visitation Marianist State Community). Intention submitted by Sister Laura Leming (Marianist Sisters, Dayton, Ohio).

Rod Simmons, a family member of Toni Mesina, LIFE National Coordinator, Philadelphia

Fran Stander, the sister of Fr. Kip Stander (Dayton, Ohio)

Elaine Torrens, the principal at Colegio San José (San Juan, Puerto Rico). Intention submitted by Bro. Francisco González (Puerto Rico).

Lily Walker, the teenage great-niece of a friend of Sister Laura Leming (Marianist Sisters, Dayton) Prayers for a miraculous healing are requested.

Wilma Whorton, a Marianist Spiritual Affiliate, and friend of Fr. Quentin Hakenewerth (Mexico). Intention submitted by Fr. Bert Buby (Dayton, Ohio).

Let us continue to pray for our country and our world during this COVID-19 pandemic. We remember our Marianist Family members who have loved ones who are ill with the virus and those who mourn the loss of a loved one from the virus. We pray for all those who are ministering on the frontlines and those sheltering-in-place during this challenging time.