September 2019

Recent deaths

Please join us in prayer for these members of the Marianist Family


Bro. Byeong Cho Vianney Ahn (Region of Korea), 84, died September 14, 2019 in Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea.

Fr. José Antonio de Muguerza Lecanda (Province of Spain), 87, died September 3 in Madrid, Spain.

Bro. Eliseo González Rojas (Region of Argentina), 90, died September 1 in Madrid, Spain.

Family members and friends

Rolly Acker died September 3. Rolly was a long-time Marianist Affiliate from Milwaukee. Intention submitted by Fr. Al McMenamy (St. Louis).

Clarence Bittner died August 25. Clarence was the brother-in-law of Myron Achbach, a member of Common Bond.

Francis “Frank” Chiuri died September 11. Francis was the brother of Bro. Michael Chiuri (Rome, Italy). Intention submitted by Fr. Oscar Vasquez (St. Louis).

Helen Phillips died September 1. Helen was the mother of Bro. Tim Phillips (Region of Eastern Africa). Intention submitted by Bro. Tom Giardino (Dayton).

Valerie Stanich died August 22. Valerie was a friend of the Marianists and a member of the Marianist League of Serra High School, Gardena, California. Intention submitted by Fr. Ted Ley (West Hills, California).

Edward Thompson died September 13. Edward was the father of Fr. John Thompson (San Antonio). Intention submitted by the Holy Rosary Marianist Community (San Antonio).

Those in need of prayers for healing


Fr. Norbert Burns (Dayton)

Fr. Gerald Chinchar (San Antonio)

Bro. Harry Cornell (San Antonio)

Bro. Tom Deasy (Cupertino, California)

Bro. Tom Farnsworth (Cupertino, California)

Fr. Joseph Hartzler (Cupertino, California)

Fr. Cris Janson (Eldersburg, Maryland)

Bro. Jim Leahy (Cupertino, California)

Fr. Bernard Lee (San Antonio)

Fr. John Leies (San Antonio)

Bro. Earl Leistikow (San Antonio)

Fr. Ray Malley (Cupertino, California)

Fr. John Manahan (San Antonio)

Bro. Mike Murphy (Cupertino, California)

Fr. James Tobin (San Antonio)

Fr. Joe Uvietta (San Antonio)

Family members and friends

Fr. David Binkmoeller, a former pastor at Ascension Parish. Kettering, Ohio and friend of the Marianist family. Intention submitted by Sr. Laura Leming, FMI (Dayton).

Brian Donovan, the brother of Bro. Bob Donovan (Cincinnati)

Carolyn Guidry, the wife of Dr. Todd Guidry, Middle School Principal at Chaminade College Preparatory, St Louis. Intention submitted by Pat Wheadon (Province Offices, St. Louis).

Sr. Maureen Illescas, IHM, a friend of Bro. Jerry Sullivan (San Antonio)

Nicholas Alberto Maldonado, the infant grandson of Marian Medeiro, a member of the Faith of the Heart Marianist Lay Community, Honolulu. Intention submitted by Bro. Allen Pacquing (San Antonio).

Kevin Matthews, the brother-in-law of Bro. Jack Ventura (Philadelphia)

Marcy Olivarri, the daughter of Eloy Olivarri, a Marianist Residence employee, San Antonio. Intention submitted by Bro. Mike O’Grady (San Antonio).

Bob Reavey, the father of Brian Reavey, director of the Office of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation, Philadelphia

JoAnne Somerville, the sister of Bro. Jack Somerville (Cupertino, California)

Martha Tobin, the niece of Fr. Jim Tobin (San Antonio)

Bob Wagner, a friend of Fr. Bob Jones (Dayton)

Tom Wittmann, the father of Fr. Chris Wittmann (Dayton)