September 2022

Recent Deaths

Please join us in prayer for these members of the Marianist Family

Family Members and Friends

William M. Eppy (St. Louis, Missouri) the father of Bro. Jim Eppy, SM, who died on September 29th.

Tom Dunn, the father of Matt Dunn (Lay Marianist Communities- North America) who died on September 25th.

Bro. Harry Cornell, SM (San Antonio, Texas) who died on September 19th.

Bernice Mattice, founding member of the Marianist Lay Community of Wrightwood, California, who died recently.

José García (Queretaro, Mexico) the father of Bro. Regulo García, SM, who died recently at the blessed age of 100.

Mel Bachman, the father of Becky and father-in-law of Dan Donnelly (Province office, St. Louis, Missouri), who died on September 7th.

Kenneth (Ken) Kehm (St. Louis, Missouri) a former Marianist of the former St. Louis Province, who died on September 2nd.

Lynn Yamaguchi (Honolulu, Hawaii) a friend of Bro. Allen Pacquing, SM, who died on September 2nd.

Karen Weller (Dayton, Ohio) an employee of Marianist Mission who died on August 30th.

Corey Williams Cortez (Honolulu, Hawaii) a 1988 graduate of St. Louis School and friend of Bro. Allen Pacquing, SM who died on August 30th.

Those in need of prayers for healing

Lisa Masek

Bro. Francis Heyer, SM

Rose Friederich

Rick Schmitz

Bud Eversole

Joanne Somerville

Elsa Gonzalez

Dylan Wahl

Rosie Salgado

Kevin Pinson

Let us continue to pray for our country and our world during this COVID-19 pandemic. We remember our Marianist Family members who have loved ones who are ill with the virus and those who mourn the loss of a loved one from the virus. We pray for all those who are ministering on the frontlines and those sheltering-in-place during this challenging time.