Blessed Marie of the Conception

From a young age, Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon also known as Blessed Marie of the Conception (1789-1829) knew she desired to devote her life to God. Born into a wealthy family, this devotion challenged the way of life that was presented before her. Adele not only turned down a marriage that would secure her a rich and comfortable life but instead committed her life to serving the poor and less fortunate. 


In a time of religious persecution, a young Adele and her family were sent into exile, which proved to be pivotal in the life of Adele. During her family’s exile, Adele witnessed people worshiping openly and living faith publicly, something she had never seen before. To a young Adele, this deepened her love of the Lord and her aspirations to become a nun. At the age of only eleven, Adele longed to commit her life to the Lord through professed vows, but her mother insisted that she wait to make such a decision. Upon returning to France from exile, Adele’s parents connected her with a spiritual director who provided a structured rule for her to follow.


This detailed focus propelled Adele into an even deeper desire to serve and love the Lord. Along with her friend, Adele developed an association to help women share and express their love of the Lord. Adele passionately strove to help others come to know God in their lives. Adele recognized the need for a commitment to the revitalization of the Catholic faith in France. Her fervent zeal ultimately led her to connect with Blessed Chaminade and set her on the path to be the superior of the Daughters of Mary. 


Although Mother Adele passed away at the young age of 38 years old, her passion for service of the poor, uniting women in faith, and her establishing and leadership of the Daughters of Mary is a true testament of courage and perseverance in faith. Adele’s passion and love of God fueled her to be a beacon of virtue for the Catholic Church.