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Volume 16, Number 5

May 4, 2017


On the beach at the Marianist Family Retreat Center at Cape May Point, New Jersey, Jennifer Noriega and her children enjoy peaceful family time. The family was attending a retreat for the homeless.

On the beach at the Marianist Family Retreat Center at Cape May Point, New Jersey, Jennifer Noriega and her children a enjoy peaceful stroll. They were attending a retreat for homeless families.

“Like most parents, they struggle to earn a living, raise kids with good values and find time for one other,” said Jessica Sherwen, retreat program director. “But they are doing it without permanent roofs over their heads.”
Eight years ago, the retreat center decided to offer a special getaway for homeless families, and it’s become an every-other-year event. The costs are subsidized by the center and the Marianist Province of the United States. “Seeing how much they appreciate their time here, we are grateful to do it,” said Anthony Fucci, executive director.
With the help of volunteers, the weekend unfolded with a mix of home-style meals, beach time and exercises to build faith and improve family dynamics.
“It was a breath of fresh air to be around such loving people,” said Jennifer Noriega, one of the parents on retreat. “They made us feel like family.” See more photos.








St. Louis Jubilee


India first profession


Bro. Francis Heyer
Brother Francis, 96, is among the most senior Marianists in the world. He was a teacher and staff member at Marianist schools from 1943 to 1999.
You began formation at Maryhurst in St. Louis in 1938. What was it like back then?
We had meditation and Mass every day, of course, and we worked outside. We grew most of what we ate – tomatoes and asparagus and so on. The brothers grew grapes and made their own wine. We called it “Mogen Duvi” after Bro. Joseph Duventester, who was the chief wine man.

Loading the diswasher is among Bro. Francis' regular chores at his St. Louis community.

Loading the dishwasher is among Bro. Francis’ regular chores at his St. Louis community. Although he’s legally blind, he also does “a bit of yard work.”

As novices, we were tested by the novice master constantly. He was always criticizing, always testing. It was harsh – very bad psychology by today’s standards, but in those days it was the accepted method.
How were your first years as a teacher?
I was at McBride High School (in St. Louis, now closed) for six years, so I guess I did OK. They didn’t pull me after a year or two. I had some big classes — 35 to 40 boys. And I had a tendency to be defensive, which I had to get over. You have to let the kids know you like them.
What’s your advice to teachers today?
It’s not about you succeeding as a teacher, but making sure they succeed as students. It’s about them, not you. Religious life should be the same way; make sure you’re living for other people.






200 fol 3To celebrate the bicentennials of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate and the Society of Mary, FamilyOnline is featuring occasional peeks into the past.
St Marys 1894 fol
Recognize the building in the background of this 1894 photo? It’s St. Louis Hall at St. Mary’s University. As old as this photo is, the building is not the school’s original home. It opened — with 12 pupils and five teachers — as St. Mary’s Institute above a San Antonio livery stable in 1852. St. Mary’s is the oldest Catholic university in Texas. See a timeline of the school’s history. Photo from the National Archives of the Marianist Province of the United States.





Allen Paquing Vow Ceremony  5-23-15 The Marianist Sisters announce that novices Srs. Gabrielle Bibeau and Caitlin Cipolla-McCulloch have both been approved to profess first vows later this month. They will then enter a five-to-seven-year period of “temporary profession.” Read about the formation process.
Kumaraswamy 5.17 fol Congratulations to Bro. Joseph Kamotho, (left) of the Region of Eastern Africa, and Bro. Kumaraswamy, of the District of India, who will graduate from the University of Dayton this weekend with master’s degrees in educational leadership. They have been members of Marianist communities in Dayton while pursuing their degrees.
Kosmowski Andrew 2015 fol Bro. Andrew Kosmowski has been named the vice chair of the Academic Libraries, Archives, and Library Education section of the Catholic Library Association. Bro. Andy is a librarian at the Marian Library of the International Marian Research Institute.
Celebration  Daughters of Mary An article by Sr. Nicole Trahan recently was published in the Global Sisters Report, a project of the National Catholic Reporter. The piece is called, “With Mary at the Foot of the Cross.” Read the article.





Eudokeo Lay Community Commitment fol

Top left: Victoria Schoen and Amber Johnson; bottom left: David Devlin, Sarah Stratil and Anna Schlegel. Top right: Madison Burgei and Noelle Jacobs; bottom right: Paige Benkert and Samuel Brickweg. Fr. Jim Fitz, center, was the presider.

Nine University of Dayton students made formal commitments as Lay Marianists on April 22 during a special Mass in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception.  The commitment ceremony followed a semester-long formation process led by Bro. Mitch Schweickart and Mike Sievers.  Formation included exploring Marianist history and building the foundation of a lay community.  The community’s name, Eudokeo, is a Greek word meaning “it is pleasing,” or “well pleased.”
Harvest Prayer MLC fol
“Setting a Marianist Table” was the focus of a recent gathering of the Harvest Prayer Marianist Lay Community in Mayetta, Kansas. Lay Marianists Joanne McCracken and Patti Jarvis led the session, which is part of the Things Marianist series available from the North American Center for Marianist Studies. The Lay Community was formed at St. Francis Xavier parish four years ago and has 19 members. Thanks to Marcetta Reilly for sending the news and photo.



Jubiliarians 2a
Each year, the Society of Mary recognizes the brothers and priests who are marking milestones of their first profession of vows or of their priestly ordination. This is the first group of 2017 jubilarians we honor as a special section of FamilyOnline.
Barrish Joseph fol BRO. JOSEPH BARRISH – 70 years of profession
My life has been full of surprises. I had a wonderful formation in the novitiate and in my scholastic years. My superiors were very gracious in allowing me to study both in the United States and in Europe. Read more.
Chewning William fol BRO. WILLIAM CHEWNING – 75 years of profession
Every day is a “thanksgiving” day for me. My life as a Marianist has been guided by the Benedictine saying, Ora et Labora, although I have interchanged the words to Labora et Ora. Read more.
Montague George fol FR. GEORGE MONTAGUE – 70 years of profession
Community life and service as a Marianist have formed me in ways I never would have experienced had I followed some secular vocation. Since the age of 6, I wanted to be a writer and a newspaper publisher … But at Central Catholic High School, I experienced the touch of the Lord. Read more.
Neumann Paul fol FR. PAUL NEUMANN – 70 years of profession
 I was born Aug. 22, 1929, in San Antonio to Charles and Margaret Neumann. My family included one girl and three boys. One of my brothers was Fr. Charles Neumann, a Marianist. Read more.
Marianist Portraits 11-4-15 FR. PAUL REICH – 60 years of ordination
I came into the world on Dec. 15, 1928, the second of three children, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When my Catholic grade school education was complete, I enrolled at a brand-new high school — North Catholic High School — staffed by members of the Marianist order. Read more.
Marianist Portraits 11-4-15 FR. KENNETH SOMMER – 70 years of profession
The greatest gift God has given me — and I say, us — in the Society of Mary is our consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary — to be called by God’s grace to make a vow to be a spokesman for Jesus’ love for his mother in the Church. Read more.




SLS Hula fol

The dancers of Saint Louis School’s halau (hula school) earned an admirable fourth place in their division as they competed for the first time at the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo, Hawai’i. Photo by Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Saint Louis School made history in April when a team including students and alumni was invited to participate in the “Merrie Monarch Festival,” a prestigious competition that draws top halau (hula schools) from around the world.

Keli’i Puchalski, head of Hawaiian studies at SLS and a kumu hula (hula teacher), led the dancers in a form of traditional hula derived from men’s martial arts. Participating in the Merrie Monarch Festival reflects SLS’s values in honoring Hawaiian language and traditions, Keli’i said.

“We are deeply grateful that our students were invited to compete in this year’s festival,” said Glenn Medeiros, SLS head of school. The dancers came in fourth place in the traditional dance category. “It was an astonishing accomplishment,” said Medeiros.   

See a brief video here.




St. Louis gathering



Fr. Joe - 1966


Fr. Joe - 2015




Bro. Tom - 2002


Recent deaths of Marianist Family members and friends
Those in need of prayers for healing
Obituaries of Marianist brothers and priests (U.S. Province) since 2007.
“Let us always tend to the pure love of God and to the profound contempt of ourselves, and the Holy Spirit will enable us to work wonders.”




Mission of Mary logo fol Dayton-area members of the Marianist Family are invited to join in a day of service at Mission of Mary Cooperative, an urban farm run by Lay Marianists. The day includes morning service at the farm followed by a potluck and prayer service. Learn more!




Landolfi, Paul FOL In celebration of the bicentennials of the Marianist Sisters and the Society of Mary, Fr. Paul Landolfi shares an article by Sr. Marie Laurence Cosnard, provincial of the Marianist Sisters in France. The article examines the shared history and close ties of all branches of the Marianist Family. Read the article.



May 12: Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother and Mediatrix of Grace
May 25: Mary, Help of Christians, foundation day of the Marianist Sisters
May 28: Ascension of the Lord

May 31: Visitation of the Virgin May


Bro. Phil Aaron
Fr. Mike Nartker
Susan Vogt

Bro. Brian Zampier


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