b"his colleague models the faith for students andstaff at the school. Elvis is making the most of hisGod-given talent, Tim says.It typically takes time for any teacher to buildrapport and strong relationships with students, hesays. But if youre somebody whos won a coupleof Big Ten championships and played nine years inthe NFL, its easier to establish the trust. People knowyour name.It's a particularly powerful asset when relating toat-risk students from urban environments. They tendto see sports as one of the great equalizers. Sports bridgesocial divides, says Tim. With a base-level of trustestablished, good things can happen quicklysuchas Elvis initiative to create a new leadership role forMUSP students within campus ministry at the school.Known for setting high expectations, the coach already has learned it can be a two-way street. VASJstudents in generaland his MUSP students inparticularcan be quite assertive, Elvis says. Bythe time theyre seniors, theyre initiating meetingswith mewhich is great. Its good to see these students orienting themselves toward success. Theywant to better their lives.A Marianist identityBeyond changing the lives of students, MUSP also playsa critical role in strengthening VASJs identity as aMarianist-sponsored school. Often, older alums takenote that vowed Marianists no longer serve at the school. So, we talk to them about MUSP and the tuitionassistance we receive from the province every year,says David. We also tell them about the developmentprograms the Marianists offer our faculty and staff and it really does make a difference for the alumsto know that the Marianists are still a big part of VASJ.Of course, it doesnt hurt to have an All-Pro likeElvis Grbac on hand, quarterbacking the effort tokeep the school community strong. One thing hesnoticed: The family atmosphere is real, says Elvis.It was part of St. Joes when I was there, and its hereat VASJ now.A solid game plan, backed by legendary talent thats how winning streaks often begin. Elvis is a greataddition to our school, David says. We brought one ofours home, where he belongs. Elvis is needed here.\x01Elvis reviews a homework assignment with MUSP student Zac Tizzano.John Schroeder is a freelance writer from St. Louis. Help a student succeed. To support a student in the MUSP program, please make your donation by using the enclosed envelope or go to marianist.com/donate-musp.marianist.com/donate 7"