b'THE FORTY-FIVE-YEAR CLUB: A HEART for MINISTRYFor more than four decades, Mary Lawson, Rosie Ribeinski and Jeannine Smiley have worked for the Marianist Mission, a place that has captured their hearts and devotion.By Jan D. DixonA Buechner once wrote: The place God calls special devotion to the Blessed Mother. The Missionmerican theologian and writer Frederickalso became a conduit whereby donors could supportyou to is the place where your deep gladness Marianist ministries and the priests, brothers andand the worlds deep hunger meet.sisters who serve them.Mary Lawson, Rosie Ribeinski and Jeannine Smiley While Mary, Rosie and Jeannine have reached retire-each have spent more than 45 years working at that ment age, they continue working for the Mission forcrossroadsthe place where their deep joy and the several reasons. We are a close-knit group, says Mary,deep needs of Marianists and their supporters intersect.who manages the data processing department. Werelike family to one another.But its not just the people they enjoy. They also loveThey have a great deal of energy working behind-the-scenes as a team, mobilizing theand enthusiasm. Whatever happens, skills and talents of the 36 employees who keep thethey just roll with it to solve problems Mission humming. While running with the efficiencyof a well-oiled machine, the three are resourceful,and get things done. caring and determined. Marianist Father Pat Tonry, SM Marianist Father Pat Tonry, spiritual director of theMission for the past 14 years, has witnessed these threewomen in action. They have a great deal of energyThe Marianist Mission is, at its heart, a ministry, and enthusiasm, he says. Whatever happens, theysays Linda Hayes, director of the Mission. It touches just roll with it to solve problems and get things done.hundreds of thousands of people every year through At the heart of their enthusiasm is an understandingour greeting cards and other programs that our donors that they are serving a larger purpose. Knowing thefund. None of this would happen without the com- importance of their work and its impact on the livesbined efforts of these dedicated women. of others, these women are happy to be a part of thisThe Mission began in Dayton, Ohio, in 1960 with faith-filled enterprise. It takes a special grace to bea Mass card and prayer ministry called Spiritualthis loyal and dedicated for decades to the MarianistAlliance. Its primary purpose was to support the charism, says Linda. Each of these women have thatprayer and faith lives of believersmany with a special spiritual gift. Here are their stories.10 Call 1.800.348.4732'