b'Making a DifferenceDIVIDENDS for GENERATIONSThe Ging family enjoys sharing its blessings with the Marianists, whose mission is to form young people of faith and purpose. By Kevin ConwayE d Ging loves quotes. What most people think is a coinci- At North Catholic, Ed channeled his intellect into academics, hisdence, Christians believe is Divine Providence. Thats one physical energy into athletics and forged a lifelong relationship withof his favorites.the Marianists. His longest-lasting relationship was with the lateAs I look back on my life, there are so many coincidences that have Marianist Father Robert Backherms. But it didnt begin well.led me in the proper direction, Ed says. He now sees those moments He and I did not get along at all, Ed remembers. I dont knowas, more likely, God-incidences or even Marian-incidences.what he did, but over the course of the year, things changed. He hadGrowing up near Pittsburgh, Eds family honored Mary with May me write a two-minute meditation to Mary every day and read italtars and family rosaries. He even chose Mary as his Confirmation aloud in class. He kept those meditations, and many years latername. When I was born, I was placed on the altar and consecrated sent them back to me.to the Blessed Mother. I think I was destined to have her as my patron Ed won a Navy scholarship to University of Pennsylvania, earnedsaint from the beginning. a bachelors degree in economics and a commission as a MarineEd attended North Catholic High School, a Marianist-sponsored Corps officer. If I hadnt gone to Penn, I wouldnt have joined theschool in Pittsburgh, that helped him develop his childhood faith Newman Club and met Joyce, Ed says about the woman destinedand guide his adult life. The Marianists were crucial in helping me to become the love of this life and wife of 63 years.grow and keep my faith, he says.After Eds military service, the family returned to the Pittsburgharea. Following in his fathers footsteps, Ed worked in the insurancePHOTO: LARRY GATZbusiness and expanded his services to include investment adviceand comprehensive financial planning.Joyce, a graduate of Rhode Island College of Education, blendedher skills with Eds expertise. With creativity and lots of hard work,their financial planning business prospered for more than 25 years.Our lives have been so blessed, Ed says, adding that he andJoyce felt a need to establish a family charitable foundation as a wayof heeding the Scripture verse: To whom much is given, much isexpected, Luke 12:48.Over the years, the Ging Foundation generously has funded numerous Marianist ministries, including care for elder Marianistsand programs that serve some of the poorest children in India andEastern Africa. The familys love for the Marianists also is evidentin its financial support of Marianists schools, parishes and retreatcentersespecially programs that touch the lives of adolescents.The Marianists work in schools is extremely important, Edsays. We are attracted to their work with young people because,when you help young people, it pays dividends for generations. And yes, he says, you can quote him on that.\x01Joyce and Ed Ging Kevin Conway is a freelance writer from Bloomington, Indiana.Interested in supporting Marianist ministries? Visit marianist.com/mission or call 1.800.348.4732.20 Call 1.800.348.4732'