b'Rosie Ribeinski: It gives me a sense of purpose.Rosie Ribeinski started working at the MissionMany of the donors who write to the Mission arein 1972. For the last 46 of those 48 years, she has women 60 and older. Rosie, 66 and single, has expe-worked in Personal Correspondence (PC), a depart- rienced her own losses and tragedies. My parentsment she now supervises. When donors write a died. Then my sister passed away. That was reallyprayer intention on the back of a donation form, tough for me, she says. I can relate to what ourRosie, and her staff of four, write a short note tailored donors go through and what its like to live alone.to their situations.While she knows the importance of comforting peopleDonors often write about depression or loneliness, through letter writing, Rosie is especially proud of theespecially if a spouse or family member has died, Marianist ministries in India and Eastern Africa that thesays Rosie. Thats when we write an individualMission supports. These ministries, called Partneringresponse. It makes me feel good to reach out and with the Poor, provide education and training programscomfort them. After all all of these years, I still enjoy for the very poorest children and families. We livethat. It gives me a sense of purpose. such comfortable lives, says Rosie. Its hard for usThe PC staff works in tandem with Spiritualto imagine how others live in poorer regions of theAlliance, the phone and Mass card ministry located world. A few dollars goes a long way to help themRosie Ribeinski, personalacross the hall from Rosie. You have to have a caring get an educationespecially the children. (For morecorrespondence supervisor,Marianist Mission heart to serve in these ministries, says Rosie.information, see marianist.com/India-Africa.)12 Call 1.800.348.4732'