b'Forging a collaborative spirit is key for students who2019-2020 Marianist Student live in these and other MSC houses in the StudentCommunity, 428 Stonemill Neighborhood that frames the UD campus. Alongwith shared meals, MSC housemates also commit topraying together once or twice a week and to offerhospitality events that explicitly demonstrate theMarianist charism to nearby students and neighbors. The main goal of the MSCs is to enable students toexperience Marianist life in a setting that helps thembuild and explore their faith. Its often a crash course inpatience, problem-solving, communication, intention-ality and forgiveness. Its also a deeply bonding experi-ence through which great friendships and memoriesare created. UD mentors and facilitators hope studentswill carry these experiences into the world after grad-uation as they live out the Marianist values.The intent of these communities is to bolster students faith and the schools mission at a timewhen students are falling away from the Church 2018-2019 Marianist StudentCommunity, 229 Kiefaber in droves, says Marianist Brother Tom Giardino, executive director of the Association of MarianistUniversities and a former mentor in the MSC pro-gram. These student communities give me hope.An experiment in faith-based livingThe concept of undergrads forming intentionalcommunity at UD dates to the late 1990s whena group of vowed Marianists moved out of theirlong-time residence at 340 Stonemill. Severalstudents asked if they could live in that house2019-2020 Marianist Student the next year and work to carry on the MarianistCommunity,1903 Trinity presence that had been part of the neighborhoodfor so long, says LeeAnn Meyer, who coordinatesthe MSC program with Marianist Brother TomPieper for UDs Office for Mission & Rector.That first house led to others, dispersedthroughout the Student Neighborhood wheremost juniors and seniors live in the hundredsof neighborhood houses owned and maintainedby the school. Within a few years, Joan McGinnisWagner, who previously worked in the Office forMission & Rector, began providing resources, struc-ture and formation in the Marianist charism. While some students come to college and lose interest in their faith, those who live in MSCs inten-2019-2020 Marianist Student tionally seek out other students who want to exploreCommunity, 429 College Park faith together and share it widely, LeeAnn says. UD sets aside at least six university-owned houseseach academic year as MSCsthe so-called legacyhouses that include Morgans community at 340Stonemill and Coles senior-year community at 1903 Trinity.18 Call 1.800.348.4732'