b'A Messagefrom the ProvincialGreetings,schools asked its junior class members to write lettersto our Marianist brothers in the three care centers andAs I write this letter, I, like many of you, am experi- nursing homes in their city. Students at another highencing the difficult days of sheltering in place during school organized a food drive to help the local foodthe COVID-19 pandemic. This is a time unlike any bank. (Following social-distancing requirements, thewe have ever known. As with any human experience, actual collection was handled with the assistance ofwe can react in different ways. their parents.) As Christians, we remember that we are Our brothers and communities continue to be incalled to be people of faith. The founder of prayer. At the Marianist Community at Siena Woodsthe Marianist Family, Blessed William Joseph in Dayton, Ohio (where brothers receive assisted livingChaminade, took inspiration from one of or skilled nursing care), many elderly are isolated inthe darkest moments in his life and devoted their rooms. But our brothers found a creative way tohimself to prayer and reflection while he observe the rules of the nursing home and still gatherwas exiled in Spain. During his time of for prayer. In each wing, they open their doors to stand,exile, Blessed Father Chaminade was: and sing and recite the morning and evening prayer isolated from his family and friends; of the Church. They conduct brief faith-sharing with separated from his ministry (parish and brothers who are in rooms next to or across from them.school);As men of prayer, they miss their daily gathering for cut off from his country, language and prayer and Eucharist. But they have adjusted to thissupport systems; current reality.sometimes mistrusted because he was In this time of uncertainty, when we dont knowan immigrant; what our world will look like next month, three months and limited in his ministry because he or a year from now, we are called to keep the faith.was in a foreign country.We are called to keep our eyes on the true reward:Father Oscar Vasquez, SM Father Chaminade easily could have lost his faith heaven. We are called to grow in wisdom and holiness.and his vocation as a priest. Instead, he devoted I encourage everyone in the Marianist Family to con-himself to being a man of prayer, the calling God tinue reaching out to family, friends, neighbors andhad chosen for him. He decided to unite himself in co-workers. Please join us as we pray for the healthfaith and to use the time of isolation to plan for the and well-being of all people.future. He dreamed about what his country and hisfaith could become after the French Revolution.United in prayer,As I reflect on the administration, faculty, employees,parents and students we serve, and what they aredoing in our ministries, I am amazed. They are keeping Rev. Oscar Vasquez, SMthe faith. They are adapting to the situations presented Provincial by this novel coronavirus and serving as people of faith.I marvel at how people are keeping the Marianist For additional Marianist resources and opportunitiesmission at the center. For example, one of our high regarding the coronavirus, visit marianist.com/coronavirus.2 Call 1.800.348.4732'