b'COMMUNITYPHOTO: JULIE WALLINGAS CRUCIBLE AND CATALYSTUniversity of Dayton students continue experimenting with intentional Marianistcommunities, offering a counter-cultural witness and new life to the charism.By John SchroederB The kitchen often got crowded around dinner-reaking bread together, it turns out, is not asimple thingespecially when youre trying time at the 340 Stonemill MSC this past school year.to coordinate schedules (or dietary preferences) We have a lot of picky eaters, says Morgan. Someamong half a dozen busy college students whove are gluten-free, some are vegetarian, and it was impos-agreed to share a meal each week. sible to find something that everyone would eat. SoBut find a creative way to solve this shared-meal we all cooked our own food and then sat together. Itpuzzle, and it becomes an unexpected giftthe gift became a community-building decision NOT to eatof community. Thats what 2020 graduates Morgan Day the same thing.and Cole Hepp say about their experiences as members Meanwhile, at the Frericks House, it wasnt untilof two different Marianist Student Communities (MSCs) the second semester of Coles junior year that weat University of Dayton.realized we werent the best at cooking together, One thing Morgan and Cole learned: Making deci- he says. So we decided wed just go out to eat everysions as a community can get complicated. But its Thursday. Picking the restaurant became somethingworth the effort.we bonded over.Cole Hepp, left, 2019-2020PHOTO: COLE HEPPMSC participant and UD gradwith his brother, Clay, who willbegin his junior year this fallOpposite page: Claire Evans,a MSC participant, with mentorSteve Mueller, on the porch of305 Kiefaber, a Marianist StudentCommunity; Marianist BrothersTom Pieper, SM, and Tom Giardino, SM, on the MarianistCommunity porch next door16 Call 1.800.348.4732'