b'McBride alums also celebrated the future at a swayed his parents to send him to Chaminade for hisluncheon to honor recipients of endowed scholarships last two years of high school. He told them that ifat Chaminade, including 64 McBride Legacy Scholars hed have a son, hed send him to Chaminade. grandchildren and nephews of McBride graduates. In addition to students transferring, Chaminade alsoWith 153 scholarship students overall, the McBride benefited from the arrival of Marianist Brother Williamscholars comprised 42 percent of the recipients. Not M. Callahan, a 1927 McBride graduate who also hadbad for a school that closed its doors in 1971. taught at McBride before it closed. He brought withYep, thats right. McBride, a former Marianist- him McBrides trophies, banners, and other artifacts. sponsored high school, has been closed for more than So, really, after McBrides closure, its history quietly50 yearslonger than the 47 for which it was open transferred to Chaminade. but McBride spirit lives on and McBride pride Luckily, he was the head of alumni relations atruns deep at Chaminade, which also is sponsoredMcBride, and when he moved out to Chaminade, heby the Marianists.For instance, the McBride name is prominent onthe outside wall of Chaminades middle school, nowcalled McBride Alumni Hall. Inside, a collection ofMcBride sports trophies and other school memorabiliais prominently displayed in an area that students walkpast every day. The Communion Breakfast is held there.Chaminade also embraces McBride in its gymnasium,not only hanging McBrides state championship bannersamong its own but having an annual throwback basket-ball game featuring its team wearing orange and greenMcBride uniforms. That means NBA star and Chaminadegrad Jayson Tatum wore green even before suiting upfor the Boston Celtics.Then, there are the endowed scholarships, withabout $1.6 million devoted to fund legacy scholarshipsand another $350,000 set aside for the McBride Familyof Scholarships. The annual distribution for the 2022-23school year was $85,000, about $1,200 per recipient.Chaminade President Todd Guidry is effusive in brought all the stuff with him, said Larry Porschen Marty McCabe (left, Class ofhis praise for the McBride alums. of the Class of 67 who has been running the alumni 1954) chats with guest CharlieWhat the McBride men have done for Chaminade association for 35 years. So, when the Class of 35 Reed at the McBride AlumniAssociation Communioncant be overstated, he said. Alumni who have no regenerated the alumni club in 1985 for their 50thBreakfast.affiliation with this school have come back to support reunion, he was here for it.a mission that they respectMarianist educationIn turn, Brother Callahan regularly talked aboutand in a significant way. McBride with the late Marianist Father Ralph Siefert,They cant invest in McBride, but they believe in the longtime president of Chaminade who reallyMarianist education so much that they want this embraced the McBride alums, as Porschen said. generation of students to experience it. Thats the For their efforts, Brother Callahan and Father Siefertlegacy for McBride. are now McBride Hall of Famers.The connection between McBride and Chaminade Chaminade developed the throwback concept inhas grown over the years, first a trickle via former 2006, featuring McBride uniforms and its fight song, andstudents such as Mike Nettemeyer transferring to the endowment followed thereafter with the Class ofChaminade after McBride closed, to the now tight 63 deciding to start the legacy scholarships, under thebond of the legacy scholars. leadership of chairman Mike Hagenhoff. At about thatA sophomore in 1971, Nettemeyer described McBrides time, California businessman Joe Nettemeyer (69) hadclosing announcement as a punch to the gut. been contemplating how to provide opportunities toIt was a long ride home that day, he said, adding youth of today similar to the opportunities he receivedthat a simple remark by Marianist Father Paul Ryan from a Marianist education at McBride in the 1960s.marianist.com/donate 9'