b'A Messagefrom the ProvincialGreetings from the Marianist Province of nursing rooms. Our brothers pray together, share mealsthe U.S. offices in St. Louis. together and have different community activities inAt the time of this letter, we are preparing common. Younger brothers and priests in the Daytonfor our annual meeting with the Marianist area often visit them, and there is a regular shuttle toCommunity Directors, who are the local University of Dayton where several retain offices andSuperiors for our communities. They are are available for service on campus.charged with helping to animate community In addition, the brothers and priests at St. Leonardlife, not only accompanying the brothers and provide services to the lay residents of other St. Leonardpriests but ensuring active prayer and fraternal communities. One brother teaches a class on centeringlife in our communities. Please pray for prayer, another brother may offer conversationalthese men who give so generously in their Spanish, and a priest teaches scripture. The mendaily lives.range in age from 83 to 89.You will be receiving this edition of ALIVE I am delighted to hear that even as they grow older,magazine during the month of November our men continue to be of service and use their giftsas we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving. to help enrich the lives of others.This holiday reminds me, once more, how At our senior residence at St. Marys University ingrateful and thankful I am to serve as Provincial San Antonio, the service is somewhat different. Studentsfor the Province. This gives me the opportunity from the university sign up for Adopt a brother,Father Oscar Vasquez, SM to visit our communities and ministries to see the then visit them at the residence community. What wewonderful things happening in the Marianist world.find is that the senior brothers and priests becomeFor instance, our retired senior brothers and priests friends and mentors to these university students.continue to lead lives dedicated to prayer and service. As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, please joinWhen these men are assigned to one of our retirement me in giving thanks for the continued service of ourcommunities (in Dayton, Ohio; San Antonio; and men across the United States and around the world.Cupertino, California), the notice simply states,Our sincere aim is to continue Blessed ChaminadesAssigned to Ministry of Prayer and Service to the vision of re-Christianizing our world. Community. I share with them regularly that we allcount on their prayerful support.United in the Marianist Charism,In January 2023, the senior retirement communityin Dayton, Ohio, relocated to St. Leonard LivingCommunities in nearby Centerville, Ohio. We haveRev. Oscar Vasquez, SMa wing consisting of 20 rooms, including five skilled- Provincial2 Call 1.800.348.4732'