b'Now, more than a year after that first visit in August Marianist Brother Charlie2022, 17 Marianist brothers and priests, including Gausling praised the move toJohnson and Betz, live there. St. Leonard is a continuing St. Leonard as very organized.care retirement community on 240 acres, formerly hometo a seminary for the Franciscan Friars. Its namedafter St. Leonard of Port Maurice, a Franciscan Friarborn in 1676 known as Apostle of the Way of theCross for his preaching and teaching.The brothers gather in that wide hallway for morningand evening community prayer and song, though theymay sing off-key these days in their 70s to 90s. Theyalso gather there for Mass using an altar positionedin the center of the aisle with chairs on either side. A fellow resident of St. Leonards built the altar forthem after their move in late January.The communitarian design was a major drawingcard for the Marianists in moving to St. Leonard.Its like a community, affirmed Brother Gausling,92, who made first vows in 1949. Its a great place.Wed been told that there were advantages, and building. This enables community members to easilythat turned out to be true, said Father Russell, 91.visit and pray with their brethren.There are other benefits, as well, including meal Another advantage is the communitys closepreparation on-site, rehab facilities, and memory proximity to University of Dayton, which will allowcare one floor down. While the former retirement the universitys Marianist Scholars to become regularcenter also had access to rehab and memory care, visitors with the brothers at St. Leonard. those services were in other buildings on campus, Thats kind of neat, Brother Johnson said. It Brother Charles Johnson, SMwhich made visiting problematic for men on walkers plugs us into to all kinds of activities.and in wheelchairs. At St. Leonard, its all in the same Taken together, all agree: This is right.\x00The Marianist Community atSt. Leonard honors the 10 menwho passed away during theearly months of the pandemic.The memorial is in the hallwayleading to their community space.PLEASE HELP THE MARIANISTS care for their senior brothers and priests. To donate, use the enclosedenvelope, visit marianist.com/donate, or call 1.800.348.4732.marianist.com/donate 19'