b'Father Gerard Garrigan, O.S.B., Serendipitously, an email from Porschen arrived They really cherish their memories of McBride,(left, Class of 1971) photographs with information about McBrides legacy fund.Hagenhoff said.Marty McCabe (center) and Joe Nettemeyer was intrigued. He met with Porschen,Chaminade students heard about those memories atBommarito pointing themselvesout in a photo of McBrides 1954 Father Siefert, and Hagenhoff on a subsequent visit the scholarship lunch, connecting with alumni whosebaseball team. to St. Louis and knew he had found the answer to youngest members are pushing 70. They mingled athis contemplation: The McBride tables with McBride alums, hearing stories aboutLegacy Fund. athletic achievements, educational excellence, andOur parents dream was for usthe steady, guiding influence of Marianist brothersto get a good education and oppor- and priests.tunities, and being at McBride stood Chaminade senior Zach Fiese, whose grandfatherme well, said Joe Nettemeyer, the Charlie was a McBride alum (Class of 44), had heardolder brother of Mike Nettemeyer.many of those stories before, though. I learned aboutI feel McBride gave me a solid edu- McBride at home, he said.cation. This was my opportunity to The highlight of the McBride-Chaminade connectionpay it forward. may be the throwback basketball game, featuringThrough matching donations and McBride colors, its fight song, and 70-year-old alumnifunding additional McBride scholar- reminiscing about their high school days.ships, Nettemeyer helped the committee What this does for the spirit of our school is prettyWith McBride Alumni Hall in the hit benchmarks of $1 million and upward toward its impressive; every year, our guys are so into it, Presidentbackground, the statue of Christ goal of $2 million. His feelings about the school are Guidry said. To see a group of mature, older men comeThe Teacher greets visitors toChaminade College Preparatory similar to that of many McBride grads who have con- back and sing their fight songits their history. ItsSchool in St. Louis. McBride High tributed and worked for the endowment. pretty transformative.\x00School alumnus Joe Nettemeyer(Class of 1969) and his wife, FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Marianist education program that creates opportunities Jane, donated the statue to for students, visit marianist.com/excel.Chaminade.10 Call 1.800.348.4732'