b'Continued from page11 After the committee formed, Slattery quickly surmised\x00 Blessed Maria de la Conception, the religious name hed be the artist of the group. He had trepidation atof Adle de Batz de Trenquellon, co-founder with first about such a big project but quickly dived intoFather Chaminade of the Daughters of Mary Immacu- the process of bringing the Marianist Blesseds to lifelate (Marianist Sisters) in 1816. in a new way to a new generation. He researched the\x00 Blessed Martyrs of Ciudad Real (Carlos Eraa, SM; founders and the martyrs, Marianists who willinglyFidel Fuidio, SM; Jess Hita, SM), martyrs in the died for their faith. Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. I knew very little about them, he said, adding\x00 Blessed Martyrs of Madrid (Miguel Lbar Garay, that their sacrifice impressed him.SM; Florencio Arniz Cejudo; SM, Joaqun Ochoa The addition of QR codes came through brain-Salazar, SM; Sabino Ayastuy Errasti, SM), also martyrs storming sessions.in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s.\x00 Blessed Jakob Gapp, martyred by the Nazis during Causes are very important to us.World War II. We hope and pray in our lifetimeThe poster of Slatterys artworkand the QRcodesput a younger spin on what the Marianists that Blessed Chaminade becomes call, simply, Causes.a Saint, but there are many otherNol PretilaCauses are very important to us, Marianist Father Blesseds as well.and Provincial Oscar Vasquez said. We hope and prayin our lifetime that Blessed Chaminade becomes a Saint,Marianist Father and Provincial Oscar Vasquezbut there are many other Blesseds as well.Father Vasquez formed the committee that developed We wanted to integrate (digital) media into thethe poster and QR codes soon after he and Brother posters, Pretila said. Having the QR codes allowsBernie Ploeger, the assistant provincial, attended a students who want to know more about a Marianistmeeting of Marianist leaders in Rome in July 2022. Blessed to simply run their phones over the QR codeThe marching order from Rome was simplehelp and get the information.promote Marianist Causes. The theology teachers divided up the workload toWhen we came back, we asked, How do we do write the specific bios on the Blesseds, a process Pretilathat? Father Vasquez said. How do we tell this story called edifying.Ryan Slattery and highlight our Blesseds in an ideal world? We got to study them more in-depth, and it gaveThat answer has proved to be simple. With 17 high me a greater appreciation for the Marianist Charism,schools, the Marianists have an abundance of theology he said. Theyre indispensable for our tradition, andteachers who are well-formed and committed to we hope to pass it on with this poster.Marianist education. So, Father Vasquez formed a small With the debut of the poster at the start of school incommittee chosen from among these theology teachers, August, theres only one more thing needed for eachincluding Slattery and Nol Pretila of Chaminade Blesseda miracle. Blessed Chaminade and BlessedCollege Preparatory School in St. Louis, as well as Maria de Conception already have the miracle for beat-Andrew Shipp of Vianney High School in St. Louis. ification but need another for canonization. AnotherSlattery teaches in the middle school and Pretila at potential miracle healing was put forth for Chaminade,the high school level. Pretila chaired the committee. but it was ultimately rejected by the Dicastery. Were all theology teachers, and I wanted to make sure From time to time, the province will put forwardAndrew Shipp we had one theology teacher who was artistically inclined a particular situation where a person with a seriousbecause we had a piece of artwork, Pretila said. Ryan illness that has resisted medical treatment and askedhas artistic ability, and what we presented was incredible. people to pray for healing through the intercession ofFrom the very beginning, we wanted to make a Blessed Chaminade and were healed, Father Vasquezposter that would relate to the younger generation. said. We pray for this intention, and we also prayThe way Ryan recast the images of Marianist Blesseds that there will be that miracle somewhere.is contemporary, almost like (Japanese-style animation), But whether theyre Saints or Blesseds, we hopeand a very respectful way that catches the eye of and pray they are an inspiration for us, to let us knowteenagers and youth. Ryan did an amazing job. Im God is with us and loves us, and to serve as good so amazed by the God-given talent he has. examples as we deal with the issues of our time.\x0014 Call 1.800.348.4732'