b'PHOTOS BY SID HASTINGSM C BRIDESLEGACY LIVES ON Alumni at old Marianist school in St. Louis build endowment for Chaminade studentsBy Dave LueckingBob Herleth (Class of 1970) and Father T he men of the McBride High School Alumni Association FOR MORE INFORMATIONGerard Garrigan, O.S.B., (Class of 1971) gathered twice this past springto honor the past andON THE MCBRIDE LEGACYchat after Mass at the McBride High celebrate the future. SCHOLARSHIP FUND,School Alumni Associations Communion please contact Mike HagenhoffBreakfast at Chaminade College They honored the past by inducting four members into its Hall at 636.236.9984.Preparatory School. Later, Father of FameFather Gerard Garrigan, O.S.B., Joe Hanrahan, BobGarrigan was one of four inductedWheeler, and the late Al Bevoloat its annual Communioninto McBrides Hall of Fame.Breakfast at Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis.That makes 218 members for the McBride Hall of Fame.8 Call 1.800.348.4732'