b'SENIOR MARIANISTSTHIS IS RIGHTMarianist senior brothers and priests relish the feeling of communityin new living quartersBy Dave LueckingA ll it took was one lookjust oneforPHOTOS BY JULIE WALLINGMarianist Brothers Charles Johnson and DavidBetz to determine that they had found thenew living quarters for the Marianist Community ofsenior brothers and priestsSt. Leonard LivingCommunities in Centerville, Ohio, just south of Dayton.After a brief elevator ride and a short walk, the duoturned left into a welcoming, long corridor with 15total rooms. This would be only half of their availablespace. A duplicate corridor is adjoining. Technically,the space is a hallway, but its so much more than that.The space resembles a family room or great room,only longer to accommodate the private rooms. Theresample space on either side for easy chairs and sofas, nevermind maneuvering space for walkers and wheelchairs.Its an area in which Marianist brothers, who havedevoted their lives to assisting Mary in bringing Christinto the world, can gather outside their rooms in truecommunity fashionjust as theyve lived in commu-nity since taking vows.In Marianist Brother Joe Barrishs case, that was75 years ago. Since then, Barrish joked that hes lived inmany, many, many, many communities. This one ranksright up there. Its a great place, said Barrish, 94.Brothers Johnson and Betz surmised as much ontheir initial tour.We knew as soon as we turned the cornerthis Above: Marianist Brother Joeis right, said Brother Johnson, in his fourth year as Barrish calls the Marianistsdirector of the Marianist Retirement Community. MARIANIST BROTHER JOEnew retirement community atSt. Leonard Living CommunityNow, it was a matter of convincing everyone else. "a great place."That wasnt a hard sell. Marianist leaders such as BARRISH JOKED THAT HESProvincial Father Oscar Vasquez soon visited and LIVED IN MANY, MANY, Opposite page: Marianist Fatherimmediately recognized the benefits of the space; the Jim Russell poses by a metalprovincial council visited as well. The approval came MANY, MANY COMMUNITIES. Crucifix in the dining room ofthe new Marianist communityin September 2022, just a month after Johnsons and THIS ONE RANKS RIGHT UP at St. Leonard.Betzs first visit. Next up was the most important groupthe THERE. ITS A GREAT PLACE. Marianists who would live there after vacating theirprevious home of 20 years. No problem there.marianist.com/donate 17'