b'SAINTS ALIVE!New art and QR codes open Chaminade and all Blessed Marianists to youth in AmericaBy Dave LueckingThis is the first of a two- A teacher by trade and an artist by avocation, own webpage with updated biographies and imagesRyan Slattery describes the national release designed to capture the hearts of the younger gener-part series about Marianist of his artwork as surreal. ation of the Marianist Family.Causes. In the next issue, His artworkprinted on posters 2 feet by 3 feet They are the Blesseds among Marianists on theALIVE will feature fourVenerables and a Servantis prominently displayed at Marianist-sponsored pathway to sainthood, as Brother David Betz callsof God, plus two more schools, parishes, retreat centers, and other ministries it. These Marianists have been beatified by the popeMarianists with open throughout the country. The poster is not only seen after an investigation by the Vaticans Dicastery forsainthood causes. every day, but students and other young people often the Causes of Saints, one step from being canonizedstep in for a closer look and to scan QR codes for as a Saint.more information. The Marianist Blesseds comprise two founders fromThe QR codes, which are readable with smartphone the 1800s and eight martyrs from the 1930s and 1940s.cameras or apps, will direct the user to more informa- \x00 Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, the priesttion about the subjects of Slatterys artwork. Each of who founded the Lay Marianist Family in 1800the Marianist Sainthood Causes who are near and and the Society of Mary for brothers and priestsdear to the hearts of the Marianist Family has their in 1817. continued on page14A student at St. John VianneyPHOTO BY CONOR MCENTEEHigh School in St. Louis scansa QR code for more informationfrom the new poster about theMarianist Causes that has beenreleased nationwide.For your own copy of the poster,simply remove the centerspread(pages 12 and 13). And for moreinformation about the BlessedMarianists, scan the QR codeswith your smartphone or tablet,or visit marianist.com/marianist-causes.marianist.com/donate 11'