b'A MARIANIST MENTORSHIP Program at St. Marys University encourages student/brother partnershipsBy Nathaniel MillerA rely Reyes and Marianist Brother Dan Stupka As a member of the Marianist Leadership Programjoke that the age difference in their friendship at St. Marys, a faith-based program designed to cul-is more than just a generation gapits a tivate and nurture community, Reyes needs 15 hoursgeneration chasm.of community service each month. Despite the chasm of 73 years, age hasnt stopped Living on campus without a vehicle, she struggledReyes, 19, a freshman at St. Marys University in San to meet her charitable commitment. In a stroke of luck,Antonio, and Brother Stupka, 92, from forming a bond or perhaps divine providence, she was invited tothrough a shared passion for music that initially brought volunteer at the Marianist Residence on campus asthem together.part of the SM Friends Program.A native of Texas City, Texas, Reyes played French The program, which shut down in March 2020 athorn in high school. Brother Stupka has been a student the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, re-openedof music since his youth, studying at Cleveland Institute and accepted new students for the Fall 2022 semester.of Music. The new members apply to SM Friends to be matchedMusic made it easy to connect with him, Reyes said.with a Marianist brother. Right, Arely Reyes chats withALL PHOTOS BY DARREN SHIVERDECKERMarianist Brother Dan Stupkaat the Marianist Residence at St. Marys University in SanAntonio. Next page, Arely Reyes andMarianist Brother Dan Stupkabonded over a shared love of music.FOR INFORMATIONabout the MarianistLeadership Program atSt. Marys University, visit stmarytx.edu/marianist-leadership-program.8 Call 1.800.348.4732'