b'ular class. The team also set aside you to be, not the men our world Chaminade-West Hills playerstime for exams in St. Louis before Were alwayscalls you to be. stand for the national anthemplaying a game in the tournament. family. Were all Although wins and losses come before their game againstCentral Catholic.Their connections are strong.connected with each and go, the Marianist Charism staysWere always family, said Dylan other, and we all in our heart and soul forever, saidClay, a senior at the California school. love each other. Edward Ybarra, executive athleticsWere all connected with each other,Dylan Clay director and interim basketball coachand we all love each other. at Central Catholic. Or, as Provincial Father Oscar Vasquez noted in the A 1983 graduate of Central Catholic and basketballpre-tournament prayer service: We are Marianists, player there, too, he began as a part-time basketballwe are family, and we are called to be for others. coach in 1987. In the prayer service, players thanked God for Theres no better place to learn the lessons of lifetheir gifts and for the strength to play the games with than in an athletic venue, he said. Joy, hope, sadness,honor and dignity, stressing hard work, humility and faith in fellow players, faith in your coach. And theservice. The readings revealed that God has a plan (Marianist) charism takes them beyond the playingfor them and wants the best for them. field for the greater good.Its up to us to make the good choices, FatherVasquez said. You are called to be the men God calls Joe Kenny is a writer from Kansas City, Missouri.marianist.com/donate 21'