b'and Barry Larkin, and many others who have playedTHE HUMBLE HERO on the professional and college levels. Current starsinclude the Boston Celtics Jayson Tatum from ChaminadeAmong the lessons taught to athletes at Marianist schools is humility. in St. Louis and the Miami Dolphins Tua TagovailoaA slogan at Chaminade College Preparatory in St. Louis notes that Heavy from Saint Louis School in Honolulu. is the head that wears the crown. Basketball coach Frank Bennett explains Great things also come in other professionsand inthat, especially when players get to the point where they have success and everyday life in general. Although the vast majority ofothers look up to them, they have a responsibility to be humble and have a student-athletes dont have professional athletic careers,servant-leadership mindset. they learn to treat people with dignity, respect and.its bigger than Jayson Tatum, a Chaminade graduate who love, said Tom Fernandez, athletics director atthe wins and losses. plays for the Boston Celtics, is a prime example, Chaminade of St. Louis. We hope they carry on theIts about the legacy Bennett said. Despite being among the best players Marianist tradition at work and as husbands and dads.we leave behind in in the NBA, Tatum regularly returns to Chaminade The Characteristics of Marianist Education stressthe kids. to lead basketball camps and serves the community the importance of athletics, calling for providing a Frank Bennett in other ways, such as a coat drive.He has the world by the fingertips and doesnt high-quality education of the whole person. Athleticshave to do those things, but theyre near and dear to him and his family, said coaches are specifically mentioned.Bennett, Tatums high school coach. Bryan Cantwell, associate athletics director andThe Marianist school in St. Louis has had other star NBA players, including basketball coach at Chaminade of California, takes theBradley Beale and David Lee, as well as Paul Stastny and Ben Bishop in the role seriously. Cantwell regularly meets with studentsNational Hockey League. In addition, Brad Davis was a star soccer player, to mark their academic progress, and players also serveand a six-time MLS All-Star. as tutors for teammates who may struggle in a partic-Despite that success at the pro level, educating the whole person is aboutgetting the kids to a point where they impact the world of work the way Godsees fit, Bennett said. Although were very competitive and we want to winevery game, its bigger than the wins and losses. Its about the legacy we leavebehind in the kids.Joey De Los Santos places hisleft hand on the shoulder ofCentral Catholic teammateXavier Gonzalez as players recite the Marianist Doxologybefore their game againstChaminade-West Hills at theMarianist Invitational.20 Call 1.800.348.4732'