b'Ann and Bill Frapwell, centerleft and center right, describetheir relationship with the Marianists as a blessing intheir lives. At left, they visitwith Marianist Brother DonNeff (left) and Marianist FatherBert Buby at the St. LeonardMarianist Community in Centerville, Ohio.brother for afternoons exploring thrift shops to helping blossomed over the years, thanks, in part, tosenior brothers move to a new retirement residence at the communitys renowned hospitality. Through ITS AN HONORSt. Leonard CHI Living Community in Centerville, Ohio. one Marianist, they met another, and another,Bill Frapwell described that experience as fun. then another. Bills sister Patsy Walters started TO BE THEIRThere was a lot of laughter, and a lot of stories, cooking monthly for the Meyer Hall Community FRIENDS.Bill said. I felt really good at the end of each day. at Mount Saint John and invited the FrapwellsThe brothers get credit for that. to join Walters and her husband, Jim, for aAnn FrapwellIts always enjoyable to be with them, he said. monthly evening of food and laughter withEach guy is so different, so humble, and so brilliant, the brothers.but they are all interesting in their own ways.A lot of their hospitality involves food, Bill joked.Theyre fun to talk with. Over time, Ann and Patsy have become like sistersMore poignantly, the Frapwells have been unofficial to the Marianist brothers, who, in turn, feel like actualcaregivers for senior brothers, accompanying them on brothers to the Frapwell and Walters families. That fam-their transitions from this life. ily bond was solidified in 2004 when tragedy struckThe sad thing is so many of our friends have gone the Frapwell family. A brain tumor took the life ofto heaven, Bill said.Bob Frapwell, the younger brother of Patsy and Bill. The Frapwells association with the Marianists dates In my eyes, (the Marianist brothers) became liketo the late 1960s when Bill attended Daytons Chaminade real brothers to Patsy and Bill at the time of Bobs ill-High School (now, Chaminade-Julienne) in the Class ness, Ann said. It made me feel good that they hadof 70. After his undergraduate years at Georgetown, he the community at Meyer Hall praying for Bob andreturned to his hometown for law school at University his family. of Dayton. Ann Frapwell also received her under- Bill described it as extremely special and verygraduate degree at UD; shes a retired mathematics emotional that we had those guys watching out forprofessor from Wright State University in Dayton. us and praying for Bob at the time of his death. From those humble beginnings with the Marianist Ann called the familial relationship a joy in ourCharism, the Frapwells relationship with the Marianists life. Its an honor to be their friends.PLEASE HELP THE MARIANISTS care for their senior brothers and priests. To donate, visit marianist.com/donate or call 1.800.348.4732.marianist.com/donate 7'