b"nemembranceI R Brother Alva James Born on June 27,For the complete obituaries of these Marianists, visit marianist.com/obits.Brother MichaelJohn Galvin, SM, Gillis, SM, 92, died 1943, in St. Louis, he81, died Jan. 1, in Dec. 31, in San Anto- was the only child ofSan Antonio. He nio. He had been a Wilfred Maus andhad been a vowed vowed Marianist for Pura (Menendez)Marianist for 63 years. 37 years. Bro. Gillis Maus. He never knewHe was a beloved was a pastoral min- his father, who diedteacher, linguist, ister, a maintenance serving in Worldcounselor, adminis- worker, and a valued War II, and grew uptrator, and tireless volunteer. His varied with his mother andBrother Michael John advocate for immi- Brother Alva James Gillis, SM life experience enabled Brother James Maus, SM grandparents in EastGalvin, SM grant communities. him to connect easily with people. St. Louis, Illinois. He first encountered theBorn Aug. 30, 1941, in Brooklyn, New Born Feb. 14, 1930, in Troy, Ohio, he served Marianists at Assumption High School inYork, Bro. Galvin first encountered the in the United States Army from 1951 to 1953 East St. Louis.Marianists as a student at Most Holy Trinity in the Korean War. His unit was responsible for He made first vows in Galesville, Wiscon-High School in Brooklyn. He entered the logistics and training. After returning from the sin, on Aug. 22, 1962, and professed perpetualNovitiate in Beacon, New York, made first war, he was baptized in the Catholic Church vows on Aug. 20, 1967, in St. Louis.vows at Marcy, New York, in 1959 andin late 1953. That year, he began a 30-year In 1965, after earning a bachelor's degreeprofessed perpetual vows in Baltimorecareer as a union worker at Hobart Corpo- in English at St. Marys University in Sanon Aug. 20, 1966. ration, a manufacturing company in Troy. Antonio, he taught at McBride High SchoolBro. Galvin earned a bachelors degree In 1954, Gillis married Amelia Dorothy in St. Louis. In 1969, Bro. Maus moved to Donin French with high honors at University of Caserta. They had six children, all baptized Bosco Catholic High School in Milwaukee,Dayton (Ohio) in 1963. He continued his and confirmed at St. Boniface Catholic Church which merged with another Catholic boysstudies in Romance languages and linguis- in Piqua, Ohio. He embraced the Catholic school in 1972 to form St. Thomas Mooretics at the graduate level at Johns Hopkins faith and served the parish as a lector, choir Catholic High School, where he taught untilUniversity in Baltimore until 1964. singer, and committee member. 1979. Attending graduate courses duringWhile in Baltimore, he taught at Cardinal After the couple divorced in 1979, hethe summer, he earned masters degrees inGibbons High School. In 1968, he next moved became active in ministry for divorced and English from Saint Louis University in 1975to Hollywood, Florida, where he was named separated Catholics, and began considering and counseling from St. Marys Universityprincipal at Chaminade College Prep. He con- religious life. He professed first vows at the in San Antonio in 1980.tinued in that role for four years. Following a Marianist Novitiate at Mount Saint John in In 1980, he began work as a guidancesabbatical year during which he completed Dayton, Ohio, on Aug. 10, 1985, and pro- counselor at Nolan Catholic High School incoursework in counseling, German and fessed perpetual vows on Aug. 13, 1988,Fort Worth, Texas. He served students inSpanish at Saint Louis University, Bro. Galvin in Dayton. grades 7-12, providing both academic andmoved to San Juan, Puerto Rico. There, he From 1985 to 2001, Bro. Gillis served at a personal counseling, and serving manyserved as a teacher, administrator, and guid- number of parishes, schools and ministries: years as the director of the schools guidanceance counselor at Colegio San Jos until 1991. St. Aloysius in Cleveland; St. Johns Parish and counseling department. Bro. Maus In 1991, he enrolled in a summer studies in Albion, Michigan; Bergamo Center in remained at Nolan Catholic until 2004. program at Weston School of Theology in Dayton; St. Johns Residence for Boys in In Texas, he also served as a summer campCambridge, Massachusetts. That summer, Rockaway Park, New York; North Catholic counselor and administrator at Tecaboca, ahe also worked with immigrant families in High School in Pittsburgh; and St. John Marianist camp in the Texas Hill Country.the Boston area to ease their transition into Vianney Parish, also in Pittsburgh. His In the autumn of 2005, Bro. Maus returnedthe United States. He found a new calling in work included maintenance, office duties, to his birthplace, St. Louis, and served as athis work and for the next 16 years, Bro. Galvin education, and ministry. freshman counselor at St. John Vianney Highhelped to build what came to be known as In 2001, Bro. Gillis moved to the Marianist School. Bro. Maus retired from Vianney inAspotolado Brasileiro in the Archdiocese of Residence Community in San Antonio, where 2012, remaining in St. Louis to be close to hisBoston. In this role, he worked with newly he continued his dedication to volunteer mother and family. Bro. Maus moved to thearrived immigrants, advocating on their service at St. Marys University. Marianist Residence in San Antonio in 2018.behalf and helping to navigate the immigra- Al was resilient, Brother Mike OGrady I think the one thing Bro. Maus was mosttion court system. said. He remade himself to join our Marian- proud of was his work as a counselor, saidIn 2008, Bro. Galvin moved to San Antonio, ist life. And whenever he was assigned a new Father Tim Kenney, who also served atwhere he became a member of the Holy Rosary location and ministry, he figured out a way Vianney with Bro. Maus. Jim reached outParish community. During the next nine to use his gifts. He served our mission well. to the underdog, to students in need, to thoseyears, he continued ministering through with low self-esteem and those who werehis gifts as a linguist. He moved into the Brother James Maus, SM, 79, died Oct. 26 in grappling with their identity. Jims insights,Marianist Residence Community in 2017. San Antonio. He had been a vowed Marianist his compassion and his sensitivity to studentsMarianist Father Pat Tonry remembered for 60 years. He was a teacher and counselor were amazing.Bro. Galvin fondly: Mike was a very intel- whose long ministry was devoted to educat-ligent man, a superb linguist, a devoted ing and guiding teens at high schools inMarianist teacher, and a very humorous man. Wisconsin, Texas and Missouri.He gave himself completely to whatever he did.Memorial: To make a memorial donation in the name of a Marianist, please visit marianist.com/donate.22 Call 1.800.348.4732"