b'Marianist SPORTSEDUCATING THE WHOLE PERSONBasketball tournament shows a key role athletics play at Marianist-sponsored schoolsBy Joe KennyJ oshua Devora strayed under the basket, pulled Solomon Benavides, a senior at Central Catholic, Corey Jones of Chaminadeback, cocked his arm, released the shot and called the camaraderie and the competition, simply, College Preparatory of Westmissed. The ball bounced off the rim into the an experience you cant match. Hills, California, goes up for ashot against Joshua Devora (3)hands of a leaping opponent. Marys role as Jesus mother was recognized with and Ray Martin (right) of CentralNo worries, though. players reciting the Marianist Doxology in the pre- Catholic High School on Dec. 19,On the next offensive play for Central Catholic of tournament prayer service and in the prayer before 2022, in the Marianist InvitationalSan Antonio, Devora again moved under the basket, each game: basketball tournament at Cham-inade College Prepatory in took a pass and, this time, scored two of his 21 points May the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit St. Louis.in a 72-57 loss to Chaminade College Preparatory of be glorified in all places through the Immaculate West Hills, California. Virgin Mary.The play, coming back to score after a miss, was Devora, also a senior, described reciting the Marianistemblematic of the drive and determination shown Doxology in community with teammates and opponentsthroughout the three-day Marianist Invitational, held as very meaningful, citing the brotherhood amongthe week before Christmas break at Chaminade College Marianist students as well as the high character andPreparatory of St. Louis.example set by graduates of Marianist schools. It showsThe fourth annual tournament featured five Marianist- that if youre true to your faith, youre true to yoursponsored high schools, including the visitors from beliefs, youll be successful, he said. Therell beALL PHOTOS BY JERRY NAUNHEIMTexas and California. Host Chaminade was joined great things to come.by St. Louis-based St. Marys and St. John Vianney. Great things may come on the playing fields, asThe players not only competed hard throughout evidenced by Marianist-educated athletes who havethe games, but they shared fellowship, worship and risen to the pinnacle of their sports. The list includesthe commonality of the Marianist charism, which Hall-of-Famers such as footballs Roger Staubach ofwas the backdrop of the gathering. Purcell Marian in Cincinnati, baseballs Ken Griffey Jr.marianist.com/donate 19'