b'Brother Ralph Riordan High School for three years, followed school. He also was the business managerNeumann, SM, 84, by an assignment at the San Francisco Arch- of his community. After 18 years in Easterndied Nov. 6, 2019,diocese. Bro. John was of Lebanese descent, Africa, Bro. Dave returned to Dayton andin San Antonio.and in 1963 he helped open St. Joseph School earned a degree in business administrationBro. Ralph first in Cornet Chahwan, Lebanon, where he at University of Dayton. From 1984-1998,served as a teacher taught grade school and English to adults. Bro. Dave worked in the deans office at UD,at Assumption High He returned to the United States in 1966 to and from 1994-1998, he served as supervisorSchool in East St. work for the Archdiocese of San Francisco of the School of Business AdministrationsBrother Ralph Neumann, SM Louis in 1957 and as a media specialist. Starting in 1975, Bro. computer labs. Bro. Dave retired in 1998later at a Marianist John served in public relations and admis- but remained active in campus life at UD.school in Wisconsin. He taught at Marianist sions for Chaminade University of Honolulu.schools in Peru from 1959 to 1963 and re- A year later, he returned to teaching at a Father Kennethturned to teach at McBride High School in Catholic school in Washington state. After Sommer, SM, 91,St. Louis. He accepted another two-year three years, he accepted an assignment with died Dec. 17, 2019,stint in Lima, Peru, followed by another four the Diocese of Oakland, California, and in in Dayton, Ohio. Fr.years at Marianist schools in Wisconsin and 1980 was on the staff of Our Sunday Visitor. Kens first teachingIllinois. In 1982, Bro. Ralph moved to Mexico He returned to Lebanon in 1981 to serve for assignment beganto serve at various Marianist ministries for two years, and returned in 1984 to the U.S. to in 1950 at Cathedral23 years. Proficient in Spanish, Bro. Ralph serve as assistant novice master in Cupertino. Latin School, a for-returned to the United States in 2006 to serve In 1990, Bro. John was assigned to Villa St. Father Kenneth Sommer, SM mer Marianist schoolat Holy Rosary Parish in San Antonio where Joseph in Cupertino to work with elderly in Cleveland. Sixhe taught Spanish and assisted with Hispanic Marianists. While there, he continued to years later, he entered seminary in Fribourg,ministry. He also taught Spanish at Haven serve on various committees and contributed Switzerland, and was ordained in 1959.for Hope, which provides transitional hous- articles about the Blessed Virgin Mary for Following seminary, Fr. Ken served as aing, resources and programming to assist numerous magazines and newspapers. teacher and chaplain at North Catholicindividuals transitioning from homelessness High School in Pittsburgh from 1961-1965.to independence. In 2011, Bro. Ralph moved Brother David Fr. Ken then joined the staff of St. Josephto the Marianist Residence in San Antonio Schmitz, SM, 89, High School, another former Marianistwhere he continued to serve, primarily tutor- died Sept.15, 2019, school in Cleveland. In 1972, he accepted aing students in Spanish and serving at the in Dayton, Ohio. position in campus ministry at ClevelandMexican American Catholic College. Bro. Dave began his State University. Four years later, he wasapostolic ministry called to campus ministry at University ofBrother John in 1955 as a working Dayton where he served until 1981. Fr. KenSamaha, SM, 88, brother. He worked left campus ministry in 1981 to serve as died Sept. 27, 2019, Brother David Schmitz, SM in construction and administrator of Pinecroft House of Peace,in Cupertino, Cali- served as a cook in a retreat center in Cincinnati. Fr. Ken wasfornia. Bro. John en- several Marianist communities. He also called to parish ministry in 1985 and servedtered the Society of helped remodel the novitiate at Mount three years as associate pastor at St. FrancisMary in 1953 while Saint John, which became the Marianistde Sales Parish. He also served as a chaplainearning a masters Retreat House. In addition, he served as a to various ministries in Cincinnati, includingBrother John Samaha, SM in religious educa- food manager and chef at the retreat house. Archbishop Moeller High School and, start-tion that same year. In 1961, Bro. Dave was assigned to Nkhata ing in 1988, served in charismatic ministry forHe began teaching at Marianist schools in Bay, Malawi, where he helped design and the former Cincinnati Province for 10 years.California for three years before becoming construct classrooms, faculty houses and Fr. Ken also ministered for many years to theassistant novice master at the former Pa- other projects. He then moved to Karonga, Catholic Mens Fellowship of Greater Cincin-cific Province novitiate. He moved to San Malawi, where he helped enlarge a two-year nati. He moved to the Marianist CommunityFrancisco in 1956 to teach at Archbishopsecondary school into a full-time boarding at Mercy Siena in Dayton in 2013.Memorial: To make a memorial donation in the name of a Marianist, use the enclosed envelope and provide the name of the brother or priest you wish to honor, or go to marianist.com/donate.22Call 1.800.348.4732'