b'PHOTO: ROBIN JERSTADThe art of apology and restorationface his or her perpetrator, she says. The fellow If you dont slow down andwho killed my sister died before my parents passed. tune in, you can forget aboutSome Marianist parishes and lay groups are starting being present to others, saysto use restorative justice whenever conflict arises. Even if they had received help from an experienced Rosalyn Collier, cofounder ofRestorative practices touch upon every aspect of practitioner, I dont think they would have been able the PeaceCenter in San Antonio,our lives, our relationships, our communities and the to meet him. Sometimes it doesnt serve a purpose with Sister Grace Walle, FMI,or work out. (left) who use the circle processsystems in which we participate on a daily basis, says to facilitate listening and healing. Krisanne. Theyre powerful because they offer struc- Still, those who advocate for restorative justice sayture, a way to really listen and to make amends. the practices they have learned are useful wheneverMary Hallinan, who is now a certified trauma any conflicts arise. That starts at a very personal level.therapist, says that dealing with a personal-injury We can talk about wanting the legal system to becomecrime, such as her sisters death, takes a skillful prac- more restorative in its approach, but thats not goingtitioner working with individuals to assess whether to happen until we learn to become more restorativethey are ready to face the person whom they have and accepting of ourselves, says Mary. That meansharmed or who harmed them. Based on research in being able to sit with ourselves without shaming orOhio, it takes about nine years for a person who has guilt. We need to accept ourselves before we can acceptexperienced a personal-injury crime to be ready to others.\x00Want to know more? Get involved?Contact MSJCs Death Penalty Abolition and Restorative Justice team at msjc.net/portfolio/death-penalty. Also,check out all social justice initiatives at the Marianist Social Justice Collaboratives new website:msjc.net.marianist.com/donate 15'