b'But its not only about the dignity of the individual.We are integrally connected to one another, saysKrisanne. Its also about the dignity of the entire com- RESTORATIVE JUSTICE RESOURCES munity and holding people accountable to one another.As Christians, as Catholics, it serves us well to ORGANIZATIONS/WEBSITESthink in a more restorative way about who was harmed,Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN) (catholicsmobilizing.org) is a member ofwho has been impacted and who has a role to play in the Congregation of St. Joseph Mission Network and works closely with therepairing the harm, says Krisanne. It moves us closer USCCB to advocate for the end of the death penalty and promote restorative justice.to helping others heal rather than just being certainThe International Institute for Restorative Practices Graduate School (iirp.edu)someone is punished. Ultimately, restorative practices is the worlds first graduate school wholly devoted to restorative practices.can lead to the healing of ourselves, our communitiesThe Centre for Justice & Reconciliation (restorativejustice.org) is a program ofand the systems that we create around us. Prison Fellowship International and seeks to make restorative justice the normalresponse to crime.Truth-telling: Giving voice to painThe Restorative Justice Network of Catholic Campuses (sandiego.edu/soles/restorative-justice) promotes research, teaching, training and technical assistanceRestorative justice often uses a circle process adapted for implementing restorative justice principles and practices in higher education.from indigenous cultures to bring the community, thePrecious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation (pbmr.org) is a healing community thatvictim and the offender together. Circles are a way works with youth and families impacted by violence, incarceration and trauma. to talk with one another, to intently listen, rather thanyelling or defending, says Sister Grace. (See How WORKSHOPS/TRAININGthe Circle Process Works, page 14.)Circle Intensives and Circle Training: For a 2020 training schedule sponsoredWhen you participate in the circle process, which by the CMN, visit catholicsmobilizing.org/posts/cmn-upcoming-circle-events.is a spiritual practice, you stop thinking about whatFind a Circle Trainer near you: catholicsmobilizing.org/find-circle-trainer.you are going to say in advance, stop editing yourself BOOKSand speak your truth, says Mary Hallinan, who hasThe Little Book of Restorative Justice by Howard Zehr been leading healing circles at the Montgomery CountyHarm, Healing and Human Dignity: A Catholic Encounter with Restorative Jail in Dayton for the past 10 years. Its a place where Jusice by Catholic Mobilizing Networkyou feel free, safe and heardand no one is comment-Redemption and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Restorative Justice bying or trying to fix you. This is a place for truth-telling. Catholic Mobilizing NetworkBrother Frank used this approach with middleJust Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, also a recently released movie school students in the Baltimore City schools. Thewhole purpose of the circle process is for the people Compiled by Bob Stoughton, MSJC Death Penalty Abolition and Restorativeinvolved to speak to one another, says Brother Frank. Justice Team member.So, a middle school student who misbehaves is PHOTO: CHRISTINE TONinvited to engage in a circle that includes the guidancecounselor, school police officer, teacher, grandmother,parent, neighbor and fellow students. All of thosepeople get a chance to speak, and the student hearshow his behavior has affected not just a teacher, butall of these people who care about him or her.The group then decides on a path forward. BrotherFrank has seen the best results when a group arrivesat a solution with a signed contract. I am a strongbeliever in buy-in, he says. If you arent involvedin creating the solution, you arent involved in owningit. Everyone must contribute and agree to the contract.Marianist institutions, such as University of Daytonand St. Marys University, employ restorative justicepractices in handling student disciplinary issues. Wedlike to see our Marianist-sponsored high schools embrace this approach, as well, says Sister Grace. Women at Montgomery County Jail participate in a healing circle.marianist.com/donate 13'