b'I nR emembranceFor complete obituaries of these Marianists, visit marianist.com/obits.Brother Thomas in East St. Louis and served at a local parish. ing religion and Latin at McBride HighDeasy, SM, 83, died Due to health challenges, Bro. Wally moved School in St. Louis. He entered the Marian-on Dec. 18, 2019, in to Cur of Ars Community at St. John Vianney ist seminary in Fribourg, Switzerland, inCupertino, California. High School in 1999, but continued to serve 1963 and was ordained in 1967. He alsoBro. Tom began his in campus ministry and as a volunteer librar- earned an additional bachelors degree inministry in 1959 as ian at the school. In 2013, he retired to the theology and a licentiate (Ph.L.) in contempo-a Marianist educator Marianist Residence in San Antonio. rary philosophy. After seminary, Fr. Bernardat Serra High School, taught at St. Marys High School in St. LouisBrother Thomas Deasy, SM a former Marianist Brother William for two years. He then attended Graduateschool in Gardena, Farrell, SM, 74, died Theological Union in Berkeley, California,California, where he taught history andSept. 12, 2019, in earning a doctoral degree in systematic andreligion. Later that year, he was assignedCupertino, Califor- philosophical theology in 1972. For the nextto Archbishop Riordan High School in San nia. Bro. Bill began 36 years, Fr. Bernard served as a professor,Francisco as assistant librarian. He earned his Marianist min- author and lecturer at the university level,a masters degree in library science from istry as a teacher at starting at Maryville College in St. Louis inImmaculate Heart College in Los Angeles Saint Louis School 1972. He also served as an adjunct professorand served as a librarian at Chaminade Col- Brother William Farrell, SM in Honolulu. He also at Saint Louis University from 1974-1976. Inlege Preparatory in Canoga Park, California, served as dean of 1977, he moved to Collegeville, Minnesota,from 1961-1973. He also taught classes in film religious affairs and dean of students. After to teach at St. Johns University. He returnedmaking and film appreciation and built a earning a masters degree in theology, he to St. Marys University in San Antonio inmassive movie library at the school. In 1973, served as director of formation for the former 1985 to teach theology. In 1988, he accepted aBro. Tom returned to Archbishop Riordan Pacific Province. He then was assigned to position at Loyola University in New Orleanswhere he served for 30 years as librarian, Chaminade College Preparatory High School- as chair of the religion department and direc-business office assistant and archivist. Bro. Los Angeles where he served as principal. tor of Loyolas Institute for Ministry (LIM).Tom retired to the Marianist Community in In 1982, Bro. Bill began serving in prison During his time in New Orleans, FatherCupertino in 2003. ministry as a jail chaplain in the Diocese of Bernard directed a three-year research San Jose, a role he continued for many years. project on small Christian communities inBrother Walter While in San Jose, he volunteered with a local U.S. Catholic Church. With the approval ofEbbesmeyer, SM, parish, worked with the homeless and was the St. Louis Marianist Province, his vision95, died on Sept. 26, very active with immigrant populations. In became a lived reality with the creation of2019, in San Antonio. 2005, Bro. Bill moved to Guatemala City to the Madeline House Community, whereBro. Wally earned serve in a newly formed Guatemala Marianist vowed Marianists and Lay Marianists livedbachelors andInitiative lead by two Spanish Marianists. in a duplex but as one spiritual family, as amasters degreesWhile there, he taught English to scholasti- House Church. He also wrote extensivelyin history and cates and at the local church. He also worked on the spiritual benefits of living in smallBrother Walter Ebbesmeyer, SM served as a teacher with the homeless and individuals with AIDS. faith communities. In 2002, he returned toin Marianist high Bro. Bill returned to the United States in 2019 St. Marys to serve as vice president forschools, primarily in the St. Louis area. He due to poor health.mission and identity and taught graduatetaught history, religion, Spanish and journal- and undergraduate theology. Fr. Bernardism. He also moderated sodality, speech and Father Bernard Lee, authored and co-authored more than aphotography, and oversaw school newspapers SM, 87, died Jan. 26, dozen books, and wrote articles for scholarlyand yearbooks at Chaminade College Prep-2020, in San Antonio. journals. He lectured widely across thearatory-St. Louis, McBride High School and Fr. Bernard earned United States, as well as in the UnitedSt. Marys High School in Missouri, and at a masters degree in Kingdom, Australia, India and Sweden. Assumption High School in East St. Louis, Latin and Greek in He stepped down from the vice presidentIllinois. In the 1980s, Bro. Wally began work- 1958. The following role in 2008 but remained a member of ing in a ministry at a Catholic day care center Father Bernard Lee, SM year, he began teach- St. Marys theology faculty until May 2017.marianist.com/donate 21'