b'Grace ALL PHOTOS: CHRIS CONEBy John Schroede One PLACEINOut of their combined 160 years of religious life and decades spent cultivating communityprayer, three Marianists discover an abundance of grace.rOpposite page:Father Lawrence M become something of an icon-in-motion Theres not much of a common thread in terms ofarianist Father Lawrence Schoettelkotte hasSchoettelkotte, SM, makes his personalities or interests and backgrounds.daily run around the Cincinnati around the suburban Cincinnati neigh- Except theres the thread of community life. Itsneighborhood where he and hiscommunity live, a routine he has borhood where he resides with two other Marianists. the basis out of which I operate, Father Larry says.practiced for more than 40 years. Every day for more than 40 years, he has taken to the Marianist community is the launching pad for mystreets for his regular runhot or cold, rain or shine, ministry. usually racking up four or five miles. Its an impressive Each member of the trio makes daily communityfeat for an 81-year-old, although he readily admits to prayer (both the Liturgy of the Hours and Mass) aa footspeed thats rather modest these days. People priority. Its an encounter which we look forward toused to tell me enjoy the rest of your run, he notes every day, says Brother Bob. Because theres justwryly. Now they say enjoy the rest of your walk.the three of us deepens our ability to pray, he says.Theres a bit of irony to his daily discipline, because It also deepens our understanding of what it meansstability has become as prominent as movement in to be hospitable. Out of this stable prayer routinecharacterizing Father Larrys experience of Marianist flows an abundance of grace, enabling the three tolife. Hes a 20-year member of the community that touch the lives of others in remarkable ways.lives at Archbishop Moeller High School, a Marianist-sponsored school, where he qualifies as the short-timer. Creative ways to serve Marianist Brother Ron Luksic has thrived in the Brother Ron began his career in the classroom moresame setting almost twice as long, having accepted his than 50 years ago, teaching English. He went on tofirst assignment at the high school in 1980. Marianist earn a masters degree in counseling, serving in thatBrother Bob Flaherty has them both beat, recently capacity during the 1970s at the Marianist-sponsoredmarking his 53rd year as a member of the Cincinnati Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School in Dayton,community, the last 50 of those in succession. Ohio. He then moved to Archbishop Moeller HighAll three Marianists have spent decades serving in School in 1980, and over time, rotated into other rolesministry, but, in a sense, this simple truth masks the in administration and campus ministry. diversity and richness of their lives work. The three There were surprises along the way and unexpectedof us are extremely different people, Brother Ron says. opportunities to creatively serve students. Early on,18 Call 1.800.348.4732'