F marianist.com/donate • 5 or nearly two years, the Marianist National Archives at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio has received a steady flow of Marianist artifacts — about 20 boxes weekly — including letters, photographs, school annals, birth certificates, sketchbooks and more. Much, much more. “The amount of material is amazing,” says Marianist Brother Brian Zampier, the Archives’ social media archivist. In 2014, the Marianists relocated their National Archives to San Antonio, and for good reason: They were granted an entire building — 8,000 square feet to be exact — to house these priceless artifacts. “The new building is now more than half full,” says Brother Brian. With all the items they have and are still receiving, “we have a story to tell,” says Mary Kenney, province archivist. She is especially intrigued by the Marianists’ dedication to education. “Since they first arrived in the United States in 1849, why did these men give their lives to education?” she wonders. “What does that mean for us today?” These questions pop up every day in the act of processing countless Marianist objects, of which there are so many that Mary says “this work won’t be completed Books, letters, photos, paintings, playing cards — Marianist history comes alive through timeless artifacts housed in the Marianist National Archives. By Alex Z. Salinas STORIES BE TOLD ALL PHOTOS: ROBIN JERSTAD Holy cards are among the many historical artifacts stored at the Marianist National Archives. WAITING TO