22 • Call 1.800.348.4732 week during the summer at the Marianist Family Retreat Center in Cape May Point, New Jersey. “Making others happy through my ministries is my greatest joy,” says Father Jim. “We are sent out as long as we are able. “I am very supported by the religious attitudes of the Marianists I live with. They all seek to live religious life to the fullest. It’s a beautiful thing to have an active ministry and a healthy prayer life,” he says. I’ll keep going — Brother Harry Cornell, 76 Brother Harry entered the world during a time of dramatic upheaval. Born in Honolulu, he was less than a year old when Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941. His father was a member of the Army Air Corps; his family later moved to San Antonio. Since his ministry has kept him in one city — he has served at Central Catholic High School for more than 50 years — he has become a beloved presence at the school. He taught math and computer science, coached three sports and oversaw the photography club and dance committee. For almost 20 years, he also served as director of Tecaboca on weekends and during the summers. He has cut his time at Central Catholic to part-time teaching and tutoring, but he remains active in school activities. Brother Harry says that as long as he has energy, “I’ll keep going,” he says. “My greatest joy is seeing my students succeed. I also take joy in the prayer life of our community. “We have a sense of missionary spirit to our fellow brothers, our students, parents, alums, to the city of San Antonio, to third-world countries we support. As the Rule of Life says, we’re ‘building the city of God here below,’” he says. “I may retire from teaching, but I’ll never retire from being a brother.” Diane Guerra is a freelance writer from St. Louis and former national director of communications for the Marianist Province of the United States. Please help the Marianists in caring for their elderly priests and brothers by joining the St. Joseph Legacy Club. To donate, use the enclosed envelope or go to marianist.com/donate. For more information, contact Brother Alex Tuss, SM, at 937.222.4641, ext. 3003, or alex.tuss@marianistmission.org. Brother Harry Cornell, SM PHOTO: MARK RUIZ