The Fund for Colegio San Jose

Dear Friends,
Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria in late September. Most of the island remains without power. Fuel and clean water are in short supply. Officials on the island have described conditions as “apocalyptic.” A return to normality is many months in the future.

Marianist Bro. Reinaldo Berríos with a student at Colegio San José in sunnier times.

In the most important ways, Colegio San José, a Marianist-sponsored school in San Juan, was spared. The Marianist brothers, students and families of the school community survived the storm. Still, there is  an estimated $1 million in damage to school structures. Resolution with the insurance company and repairs will take a long time.
More critically, there is an immediate need for emergency financial aid for CSJ students whose families have been profoundly affected by the storm.
With so many workplaces destroyed, many CSJ parents will be without paychecks for some time. Food and basic necessities will take precedence over tuition payments. In addition, we anticipate increased applications by students whose schools have been razed by the storm. They too will need aid. How can we turn them away?
Puerto Rico is not a rich island, and CSJ families are typical of the population.
We ask for your support for school community of Colegio San José in this time of severe need.
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About Colegio San José

  • CSJ is an accredited, college-preparatory school founded in 1938
  • It has an enrollment of about 490 young men in grades 7-12
  • Instruction is bilingual in English and Spanish
  • 100 percent of graduates earn college acceptance; four out of 10 attend university on the U.S. mainland