Our Ministries

Marianist ministries touch thousands each year

Many Marianists minister in educational settings.

Through our ministries, the Marianists touch tens of thousands of lives each year.

In the United States, the Marianists sponsor or co-sponsor 18 middle and high schools spanning the map from northern California to south Florida, and from the Hawai’i to Puerto Rico.

We sponsor three three top-notch universities:

We have four retreat centers, including the Bergamo Center for Lifelong Learning in Ohio; Marianist Retreat & Conference Center in Missouri; Tecaboca in Texas and the Marianist Family Retreat Center in New Jersey.

In addition, the Marianists sponsor¬†parishes in Hawai’i, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio and Texas.

Other key  ministries include Marianist works in India and Eastern Africa through our Partnering with the Poor initiatives.

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Children at a REDS playschool in India.

Through our Partnering with the Poor initiatives, the Marianists serve children in India and Eastern Africa.