"; $dateArr=array(); foreach($resArr as $row){ $myCmd="grep -i IssueDate $row "; if (trim($row) != ""){ $issueDate=exec ($myCmd); $tmpArr=explode("=", $issueDate); $issueDate=$tmpArr[1]; $issueDate=str_replace("\"", "", $issueDate); $issueDate=str_replace(">", "", $issueDate); array_push($dateArr, $issueDate."~".$row); } } usort($dateArr, "cmpStr"); $oldYear=""; foreach($dateArr as $issueDate){ $tmpArr=explode("~", $issueDate); $row=$tmpArr[1]; $issueDate=$tmpArr[0]; $myYear=getYear($issueDate); if ($myYear != $oldYear){ ?>

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