Volume 12, Number 4
Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013


The processional at the ordination of Frs. Birendra Kullu and Rajesh Kumar Lakra on Jan. 22 in Singhpur

Frs. Birendra Kullu and Rajesh Kumar Lakra were ordained on Jan. 22 at Blessed William Joseph Chaminade Parish in Singhpur, Ranchi, India. Bishop Binay Kandulna presided at the ordination. Congratulations, Frs. Birendra and Rajesh!

Frs. Rajesh Kandulna, Rajesh Lakra, Birendra Kullu and Kip Stander


Participants in the”Under 60″ meeting held Feb. 9 in San Antonio

Province members under the age of 60 gathered in San Antonio on Feb. 9 to consider the Sponsorship model within the wider mission of the Province. The meeting participants talked, ate and prayed together.

Clockwise from top left, Aspirant Andrew Giles and Bro. Tom Farnsworth; Bro. Brandon Paluch and Fr. Paul Marshall; Bros. Mitch Schweickart and Brian Halderman; Bro. Francisco González, Fr. Oscar Vasquez and Bro. Armando Añeses. Photos courtesy Bro. Tom Wendorf
San Antonio brothers who attended a Feb. 8 evening session with members of the Provincial Council. This gathering took place at the conclusion of the council’s visitation to the San Antonio communities.

On Feb. 10, the “Over 90” club staged its meeting: Bros. John Totten, Gerald Hyland and James McCaffrey. Courtesy Bro. Dennis Bautista


At the Spiritual Renewal Workshop in Cupertino, Calif., top, Bros. Larry Scrivani and Jack Dempsey; bottom left, presenter Susan Komis with Bro. Stephen Glodek; bottom right, Bros. LeRoy Viera, Frank Spaeth and Tom Redmond

Brothers in California gathered at the Cupertino Marianist Community Jan. 25 – 26 for the third Province Spiritual Renewal Workshop during the first year of the “Reflect | Renew | Respond” spiritual renewal. Presenter Susan Komis spoke on “The Human Condition” and “Stages of Prayer as Related to Faith Development.” Bro. Stephen Glodek, chair, and Frs. Bill Meyer and Rich Villa represented the Province Task Force. Approximately 40 brothers attended. Workshops are scheduled for the East Coast (Philadelphia), Feb. 22 – 23; Dayton, March 22 – 23; and Honolulu, May 3 – 4. Photos courtesy Bro. Jim Leahy



At the Feb. 10 – 16 live-in, seated, Bro. Ray Fitz, Frs. Dave Fleming, Bert Buby; standing, Bro. Charles Wanda, Bryan Westerlund, Bro. Brandon Paluch, Fr. Jim Fitz, Sam Brickweg, Bro. Tom Pieper, Bro. Dan Klco, Bro. Blaise Mosengo, RJ Schratz, Bro. Tom Farnsworth, Josh Tovey, Ian Kelly and William Sember. Courtesy Bro. Charlie

The Stonemill-Kiefaber Marianist community in Dayton hosted six University of Dayton students  for a vocation live-in from Feb. 10 – 16. The guests shared prayer and meals with the community while maintaining their school schedules. They learned about the Marianist Family and founders thanks to Fr. Dave Fleming. Fr. Jim Fitz explained the Marianists’ liturgical practices. The students also interviewed community members about their vocation discernment and faith journeys.


Tecaboca retreat participants, front, Ben Zengerle, Bro. Tom Wendorf, Aspirant Allen Pacquing; back, Contacts Justin Quiroz and Jason Mora, Aspirant Andrew Giles, Fr. Bill Behringer, Bro. José Julián Matos-Auffant and Bro. Jim Wisecaver

From Feb. 1 – 3, three young men participated in a vocation discernment retreat at Tecaboca in Mountain Home, Texas: Ben Zengerle, a St. Mary’s University freshman, and contacts Justin Quiroz and Jason Mora. Bro. José Julián Matos led the retreat with the help of Bros. Tom Wendorf and Jim Wisecaver. Fr. Bill Behringer and aspirants Andrew Giles and Allen Pacquing joined the group Saturday evening and Sunday. The retreat focused on ways of discerning one’s calling, the Marianist charism and the life of Marianist brothers and sisters.


The Marianist Lay Formation Initiative held its closing retreat for 11 participants in San Antonio from Feb. 1-3. Pictured with Fr. Cris Janson (center) at Holy Rosary parish, from left, Marta Almeidas (Winnipeg, Canada), Noel Stranen (Chester Springs, Pa.), Gayle Burger, (Honolulu), Crystal Valencia (San Antonio), Fr. Cris, Mal Chong (Kula, Hawai’i), Pam Petty, (Cleveland), Sarita Sankey, (Harrisburg, Pa.); back; Lulu Lulu, Jr. (Honolulu), Colleen O’Grady (Philadelphia), Danielle Weidner (Dayton) and Steve Tumolo (Collingswood, N.J.). Courtesy Pati Krasensky

The Marianist Lay Formation Initiative (MLFI) is accepting applications and referrals for its 2013 formation program which begins with a retreat in Dayton, April 26 – 28. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the Marianist charism or about sustaining or starting a lay community, please follow the link for more information.
Editor’s note: In the following special feature, we share a letter written by Fr. Ted Cassidy. We appreciate his reflections and willingness to share them with FamilyOnline readers.


by Fr. Ted Cassidy, Feb. 11, 2013

I am at the start of four months of Sabbath time at the Oblates of Mary Immaculate “Ministry to Ministers” sabbatical program in San Antonio. Sabbath time is one of rest, of ceasing to work, of embracing the goodness of the Spirit of God in all creation and feasting on this abundance. While reading the Feb. 6 issue of FamilyOnline, I embraced the strength and the gift of our Marianist charism anew. The issue is replete with both the core and the manifestation of our charism. It displayed the numerous ways our Province celebrated Chaminade Day this year as if on a Sabbath. The many photos of brothers, Lay Marianists and friends are clearly evident that the time away from ordinary ministry to be with each other in celebration of our treasure was a precious moment.
I find the very core of what we celebrated in the homily Fr. Stefanelli gave at the Marianist Center in Cupertino. Referring to the many struggles as well as successes Chaminade experienced, Fr. Joe spoke of the solid faith that Mary was calling him to bring Christ the world and provide the means to do it. Joe Aspell remarked at the ceremony in front of his statue of Chaminade at our university in Honolulu: “Remember too, the statue’s stretched-out hand. It shows you that there is more than is found in the book or the satchel: It is the person you are becoming as you live your life meeting people along the way – people who will help you; others you will help. And know that God’s love and mercy accompany you all along the way.”
In the many items in this issue of FamilyOnline we can recognize the persons we are becoming. The accomplishments of our brothers were demonstrated, and we saw numerous ways that our schools are sharing and growing in our charism. We are grieving as a Province as we bargain and investigate new ways to continue the 51 ministries through the Sponsorship Program. We cannot avoid the pain that this change may bring about. Yet we can process this change as if we are in a Sabbath. We take time out to first rest and cease from activity. We let the goodness of what we have embrace us. Yet the Sabbath will lead to newness. The changes will lead to new and creative ways we live our charism. FamilyOnline helps us see in perspective where we are and where we are called if we see our lives through the lens of Sabbath.


March 19 is the feast of St. Joseph, which dates to the end of the 10th century. In 1870, Pope Pius IX declared St. Joseph the patron of the universal church. In the Society of Mary, the Eucharist is offered for the superior general. A special remembrance of the deceased superiors general is observed during the week that follows. Read a list of March feast days.


Professors and students from St. Mary’s University’s Environmental Science Program recently conducted a field study at Tecaboca as part of an ongoing collaboration between the two programs. Courtesy Kay Tally-Foos, executive director

 Fr. Paul Vieson, director of the Marianist Archives, was featured in the “Ask a Marianist” section of the University of Dayton’s website. 
 Bro. Brian Zampier reports that 13 people participated in his San Antonio Sketchbook Journal workshop on Feb. 10. Participants learned more about the creative art of sketchbook journaling. They had time to develop their sketchbooks and share their work with the group. Read Bro. Brian’s blog.
Sketchbook Journal workshop participants, back, Bro. Ralph Neumann, Dr. Tom Hoffman, Bro. Dave Conrad, Aspirant Allen Pacquing, Tiffany Brown, Bro. Art Cherrier and Bro. Louis Mason; front, Ashlee Saucedo, Joseph Longoria, Irene Quesnot, Aspirant Andrew Giles and Mary Ann Hoffman. Not pictured, Bro. Leonard Rudy
 Dr. Steve Neiheisel, Marianist Educational Associate at St. Mary’s University, has accepted a full-time faculty position at the University of Dayton to begin July 1. He will develop and lead a new graduate certificate program in nonprofit and community leadership for the Cincinnati-Dayton area and teach civic engagement to undergraduates.
 Rachel Lozano was the subject of a feature on St. Louis’ Ch. 5 on Feb. 20. Rachel’s cure from terminal cancer has been attributed to the intercession of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, whose cause for canonization is being considered in Rome. The Vatican is investigating this cure, described in an article from the St. Louis Review from July 2010. Read an article about Rachel from a previous issue of FamilyOnline.
Rachel and Gabe Lozano. Courtesy Rebecca Venegoni Tower of the St. Louis Review
 Carol Dexter, former communications director at Marianist-sponsored St. John Vianney High School in St. Louis, has accepted the position of senior communications manager for the Province, effective Feb. 12, 2013. In addition to work on the Province website and online newsletters, Carol will assist the development office on projects and help create a social media strategy. Welcome to Carol!



August Biehl, early years

Fr. Gus

Fr. August Biehl (Marianist Residence, San Antonio, 88, who died Feb. 10, 2013, in San Antonio. May he rest in peace. The Marianist Residence community had a visitation and prayed the rosary for Fr. Gus on Feb. 15. The Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated on Feb. 16 in the chapel at the Marianist Residence. Fr. William Behringer was the presider and homilist. Burial followed the Mass at the Marianist cemetery at St. Mary’s University. Read Fr. Gus’ obituary.

Bro. Pedro González Blasco (Province of Spain), 75, who died Jan. 23, 2013, in Madrid, Spain. May he rest in peace. Read  Bro. Pedro’s obituary.

Fr. Valentín Hernández Roy (Province of Spain), 78, who died Jan. 30, 2013 in La Línea de la Concepción, Spain. May he rest in peace. Read Fr. Valentín’s obituary.

Ella Donlevie, Caitlin Moore Duffy, Marguerite Gonden, Evelyn McCarthy, Mary Murray, Wayne Ortmann, Marvin Ribbing, Dolly Anzalone Walling, James Zahren and Joseph Zito. Read more.



Courtesy Bro. Bob Resing


Fr. James Bartlett (St. Clair Marianist Community, Cleveland)

Bro. Paul Fennelly (Cupertino Marianist Community, Cupertino, Calif.)

Fr. Joseph Lynch (Hewlett, N.Y.)

Fr. Lawrence Mann (Cupertino Marianist Community, Cupertino, Calif.)

Bro. Joseph Mariscalco (Meyer Hall Marianist Community, Dayton)

Fr. Joseph Marshall (Casa San Juan, San Antonio)

Bro. Raymond Martin (Mercy Siena Community, Dayton)

Fr. Jack McGrath (District of India)

Bro. Mel Meyer (Curé of Ars Community, St. Louis)

Fr. Gerald Pleva (Marianist Residence, San Antonio)

Fr. Joseph Priestley (Marianist Hall, Honolulu)

Bishop Raymond Roussin (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Bro. Edwin Shiras (San Anselmo, Calif.)

Fr. Kenneth Sommer (Washington Street Marianist Community, Dayton)

Marcella Brown, Kevin Covington, Martin George, Betty Muick, Nano O’Donohue and Rick Taylor. Read more.

Death penalty team members Bro. Jerry Sullivan and Lauren Olsen (standing) with presenters Jessie Sprague from the Center for Legal and Social Justice at St. Mary’s University and Kim Gibbs from Bridges to Life. Courtesy Jim Vogt
MSJC Death Penalty Team Considers Broader Focus   During a Feb. 1 – 3 meeting in San Antonio, MSJC’s Death Penalty Team learned about Bridges To Life, which sends trained volunteers and crime victims into prisons to work directly with offenders. The program is an example of a growing movement called Restorative Justice, which focuses on rebuilding relationships and healing rather than solely on punishment. The team spent a good part of its time considering restorative justice, how it might be implemented and its application to the death penalty. Team members also participated in a workshop about individuals wrongfully convicted in death penalty cases.
Visit MSJC on Facebook! “Like” a comment, share or promote our page. MSJC appreciates your help in communicating its social justice message in the social media world.
CUH awardees, front, Dominique Bocanegra, Bro. Jerome Bommer and Venus Ituralde; back, Bro. Bernard Ploeger (president) and Fr. George Cerniglia (rector)
CHAMINADE UNIVERSITY OF HONOLULU. On Feb. 11, Chaminade University of Honolulu honored Bro. Jerry Bommer, Chaminade’s rector emeritus, with the Marianist Award, which honors a staff member who exhibits a continuous and extraordinary commitment to the Marianist value of family spirit by living the Marianist traits of openness, hospitality, graciousness and faith in a loving God.  Also receiving awards that day were Venus Ituralde, director of Residential Life, who received the Chaminade Award, and Dominique Bocanegra, a senior at Chaminade, who received the Founder’s Award.
CHAMINADE COLLEGE PREPARATORY, WEST HILLS, CALIF. Stephen Lepire has been named principal of the high school at Chaminade College Preparatory in West Hills, Calif. Read more.
Fr. Dan Vogt, Fr. Ralph Siefert and Kevin Brennan
CHAMINADE COLLEGE PREP, ST. LOUIS, MO. Chaminade’s Alumni Association presented its annual awards during the Blessed Chaminade liturgy on Jan. 25. Kevin Brennan ’71 was named Alumnus of the Year and Fr. Dan Vogt ’74 was named Humanitarian Alumnus. 
Chaminade’s basketball team celebrated the 7th-annual McBride Night on Jan. 25 with a victory against rival Christian Brothers College. The varsity team wore vintage McBride uniforms in front of a crowd that included 200 of the former school’s alumni. Pictured are McBride Alumni Dave Rothera, Tom Pollihan, Larry Porschen and Bob Moresi
MOTHER SETON ACADEMY, BALTIMORE. Mother Seton Academy students held a pep rally on Feb. 1 to cheer for their hometown favorite Baltimore Ravens, who defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. Students, faculty and staff formed a human number 52 to cheer on Raven’s player Ray Lewis. Courtesy Bro. Jesse O’Neill
ST. JOHN VIANNEY HIGH SCHOOL, ST. LOUIS. Twenty-seven students from St. John Vianney High School participated in the March for Life in Washington, D.C. Fr. Tim Kenney (front, center) moderates Vianney’s pro-life club.
VILLA ANGELA-ST. JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL, CLEVELAND. Fr. Jim Bartlett blesses a student with ashes at the Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School Ash Wednesday prayer service. 

PRESIDENT. The Department of Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of San Francisco, is seeking a president for Archbishop Riordan High School in San Francisco. Read the job description. Email Maureen Huntington, Superintendent of Catholic Schools.

DEAN OF STUDENTS. Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory in Hollywood, Fla., is seeking a dean of students. Read the job description. Email Principal Teresita Wardlow.


CUPERTINO. Read the February 2013 newsletter from Fr. Steve Tutas in Cupertino, Calif.

IO-MLC. Read the February 2013 issue of La Madeleine from the International Organization of Marianist Lay Communities.

MLNNA. Read the February 2013 newsletter from the Marianist Lay Network of North America.

MSJC. Read the February 2013 issue of Justice Jottings from the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative.

NRRO. Winter 2013 newsletter from the Retirement Fund for Religious, sponsored by the National Religious Retirement Office

PHILIPPINES. Read Garden of Eden, the newsletter from the Philippines novitiate, written by Bro. John Woo.


  Taken at the “Fat Tuesday” lunch at the Province Office in
St. Louis. Guess who? See below.
Bro. Prakash Kujur and Fr. Ted Cassidy celebrated Mardi Gras at the San Antonio, Oblates of Mary Immaculate Minister to Ministers Sabbatical Program. Courtesy Fr. Ted

ANSWER: The masked partyers are Allison Hewitt, Province executive director of development, and Bro. Tom Wendorf, vocation director



20        Michael Chirwa, James Heft, Alexander Kujur, Kevin Whelan

21        Innocent Chikwanda, Fred Halwe, Irwin Wachtel

22        George Abmayr

25        Bhaskar Galleli, Edward Violett

26        John Collins, Thomas Jalbert

27        Donald Geiger, Vincent Wayer

29        Joseph Mwaura


1          Darwin Joseph G.

2          Binod Bahla, Norbert Brockman, Richard Dix

3          Patricia Reeg

4          James Bartlett, Thomas Giardino, Anup Khoya

6          Chester Burnog, Christian Janson, Bernard Ombima

7          Norman Capinpin, Thomas Oster

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