Volume 17, Number 6 | June 29, 2018

Beatification of Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon

M. Bruno Lambert
Beatification of Blessed Adèle

For three days, the small town of Agen, France, became a global capital of Marianist life. From Friday, June 8, delegations from all over the world began to flow into the town to participate in the long-anticipated beatification of Mother Adèle.

Fr. John Thompson, Bros. David Betz, Bernie Ploeger, Tom Giardino, and Fr. Joe Kozar at the Beatification of Blessed Adèle

The three day celebration culminated on Sunday, June 10, at 10 a.m.,  when members of the Marianist Family from all parts of the world, local clergy, Adèle’s family, and thousands of other faithful from around the globe gathered to witness the beatification of Blessed Adèle.

The ceremony of beatification was presided over by Cardinal Angelo Amato, Prefect for the Congregation of the Saints. Numerous representatives from the Church of France were present, including Archbishop Michel Aupetit of Paris .

At the Vatican, Pope Francis referred to Blessed Adèle as a “gift to the whole church” during his mid-day Angelus on Sunday, June 10, which garnered applause from all the faithful present in St. Peter’s Square.

Read more about the joyous beatification in Via Latina 22, the Marianist Bulletin, and University of Dayton President Eric Spina’s blogSee more photos.


Marianists in San Antonio and Cupertino celebrate Jubilees

On Saturday, May 29, a 2018 Marianist Jubilee Celebration was held in San Antonio and on June 2, another 2018 Jubilee Celebration was held in Cupertino, CA.

Congratulations to the many faithful brothers who celebrated important milestones in their Marianist lives and ministries.  This issue of Family Online features the second special section (below) honoring Marianist jubilarians of 2018. See more photos.

Front row: Sr. LaVon Kampf, FMI (50 years of profession), Fr. Anthony Jansen (75 years of profession), Bro. Walter Ebbesmeyer (75 years of profession), Fr. John Manahan (50 years of ordination), Bro. Joseph Barrett (75 years of profession) Second row: Bro. Edward Loch (60 years of profession), Fr. H. James Bartlett (60 years of profession), Bro. Earl Leistikow (60 years of profession), Bro. Delmar Jorn (60 years of profession), Bro. Chester Burnog (50 years of profession), Fr. Timothy Dwyer (50 years of ordination), Bro. Al Kuntemeier (70 years of profession), Fr. Jorge Roos (Region of Peru, 60 years of profession) Missing from the photo: Fr. George Montague (60 years of ordination)


Fr. Raymond Malley (50th Sacerdotal), Bro. Robert Metzger (50 years of profession) and Bro. Howard Hughes (70 years of profession)

Three questions with…

Fr. Tom Schroer with Valarie and Jerry Weisbecker, members of Queen of Apostles Parish

Fr. Thomas Schroer

Fr. Tom is pastor at Queen of Apostles Parish, a Marianist parish in Dayton, Ohio, and a campus minister at University of Dayton.

What aspect of your work gives you joy?
I especially delight in seeing people grow spiritually and experience new possibilities for themselves. This happens during the Sacrament of Reconciliation when a penitent experiences a new freedom in his spiritual journey or a renewed confidence in her relationship with the risen Christ. This also happens during counseling or spiritual direction, when I see people come to a new appreciation of a gift or talent they may have overlooked.

What is your favorite part of a normal day?
My favorite part is coming home in the evening and spending time in prayer – just resting in a “Gracious Embrace.” That means turning off my clamoring mind, letting go and experiencing the peace that is beyond understanding.

What’s the best thing about being a Marianist?
The best thing is my commitment to something that cannot be completed in a lifetime, which gives my entire life meaning and challenges me to keep growing spiritually. Another best thing: In my early years, I experienced the so-called “sacrifices” of living the Marianist life. But now I realize all the wonderful and incredible ways I am constantly being gifted and blessed in my life as a Marianist.

More photos.


Marianist Studies: Calling all Marianist scholars!

Patti Gehred, center, talks with Tony and Beth Garascia at the Marianist Studies Program, 2.0, held at NACMS in Dayton, Ohio. June 21, 2018 © 2018 Photograph by Skip Peterson

When George Lisjak, director of the North American Center for Marianist Studies, and Patti Gehred, program and curriculum coordinator, relaunched the Marianist Studies program last summer, they were looking for a format compatible with today’s lifestyles.

“We decided to offer the monthly sessions online to enable people from across the country to participate,” said Patti. Still, they had no idea how many people would be interested.

“We were elated when 13 people — four religious and nine lay people – committed to the year-long study,” said Patti. Their research focused on the topic: “The Five Silences: Marianist Mindfulness for the 21st Century.”

MSP 2.0 was patterned after the popular Marianist Studies program offered in the ‘70s and ‘80s that yielded scholarly papers – many of which are still used by NACMS today. “Our goal was to inspire new scholarly Marianist work and to create a supportive scholarly community,” said Patti.

While projects from the past were primarily papers, today’s scholars are using diverse media: podcasts, videos, books, retreats, apps for digital devices, as well as traditional papers. The program concludes in August when participants will share their final research projects.

Sign up by August 2018 for the next MS 2.0 class.  More information. More photos.


Marianist Family members in the news

Tradition: A Catholic Understanding

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Lutheran Valparaiso’s Honors College, five scholars were invited to describe the meaning of tradition in their own religion (an Orthodox Jew, Orthodox Christian, a Muslim, a Lutheran and a Catholic). Fr. James Heft was invited to present a Catholic understanding of tradition. Read what Fr. James Heft has to say in his most recent presentation. Fr. Jim is president of the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at USC.


Marianist ministries in action

Chaminade Julienne High School GotVeggies? team hopes to inspire other Marianist Schools

Samantha Evans, Evan Eichenauer, Clay Mathile, Nicole VanVoorhis, Cole Breeding and Katie Kohnen (not pictured Sarah Hartley and Andrew Buchanan).

A Senior Capstone project, which began with members of the Class of 2016, lived on as several members of the Class of 2018 continued the Got Veggies? mission of bringing fresh produce to those in need in the Miami Valley.

The 2018 GotVeggies? team gleaned more thean 16,000 pounds of fresh produce that was then given to Catholic Social Services‘ food pantry.  They were also honored by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati with the “Spirit of Sr. Dorothy Stang Award.”

Eight members of the Class of 2018 split into two Senior Capstone groups to continue the Got Veggies? mission. One group was focused on  gleaning the produce, expanding the network of recipients, social media advertising and circulating recipes, explains Katie Kohnen whose group included Cole Breeding, Evan Eichenauer, Sarah Hartley, and Clay Mathile. The other group, comprised of Andrew Buchanan, Samantha Evans, and Nicole VanVoorhis, focused on education and produced a video which would help spread the word about the program.

“We hope the video will encourage other teens and schools to start their own gleaning teams and also recognize how fun service can be,” says Senior Capstone coordinator Molly Bardine. “We hope that our experience with Got Veggies?, will be a resource for other Marianist high schools and colleges.”  Watch the video.  Learn more.


New study abroad opportunities for Marianist law students

The St. Mary’s University School of Law has joined forces with University of Dayton School of Law to offer Marianist law students summer study law abroad experiences on two continents.

“I am very excited that the two Marianist law schools are now collaborating to provide outstanding foreign legal experiences to our students,” said Stephen M. Sheppard, J.S.D., dean of St. Mary’s Law. “Sharing a single mission of justice in the global setting makes great sense for Dayton and St. Mary’s.”

“We are proud to be joining St. Mary’s, our sister Marianist law school, as co-sponsors of its two-storied study abroad programs in Innsbruck, Austria and Beijing, China,” said Andrew J. Strauss, dean of University of Dayton School of Law. “As the world becomes more globalized, the ability to understand foreign and international law firsthand is becoming increasingly important.” Learn more.

Student at St. Laurence College gives tribute to Marianist Education

St. Laurence College Class of 2018. Aimee Ford is first on the right in the second row.

Aimee Forde, the Head Girl of St. Laurence College in Dublin’s Class of 2018, delivered a touching graduation speech to her fellow classmates. Mary McBride, school chaplain, shared, “Aimee delivered her speech so beautifully at the celebration.  The students are so proud of the St. Laurence College Community and the Marianist education they have received.  I was so moved when she referenced Blessed Chaminade’s words.  This is a testament to the value of Marianist education.”  Read Aimee’s 6th Year Graduation Speech

Pray with us

Please join us in prayer for these members of the Marianist Family.

Fr. Ed Jach – undated

Fr. Ed Jach – 2015

Fr. Edward Jach 86, died June 7, 2018 . Fr. Ed was a teacher, school chaplain, pastor and dedicated many years to Marianist formation. Read his obituary. See more photos.

Bro. John Rohe – 1974

Bro. John Rohe- 2015

Bro. John Rohe 87, died June 13, 2018 . Brother John was a gifted teacher.  He inspired countless students with his love of science and his love of Mary.  Read his obituary. See more photos.


Marianists celebrate jubilees

Each year, the Society of Mary recognizes brothers and priests who are marking milestones of the first professions of vows or of their priestly ordinations. This is the second group of 2018 jubilarians we honor as a special section of Family Online.

Fr. Richard Kuhn

60 years of ordination

I was born April 4, 1928, the eldest of six children, into what I now appreciate as a very faith-filled home. That, the family agrees, was God’s special gift to us through our mother, Violet — very loving care, the rosary, daily Mass, grace at meals, Catholic schooling and much more. My youngest brother, Eddie, died at age 10, when I was a student at Most Holy Trinity High School. It left me thinking about how short life can be. Bro. Wilb, my good friend and teacher, listened to my story and started me on a search that led to religious life. Read more.

Bro. John Laudenbach

60 years of profession

I first professed religious vows in September 1958. After earning a bachelor’s degree in physics at St. Mary’s University in Texas, I was assigned to Assumption High School in East St. Louis, Illinois. I have served in that city for 44 of my 54 years of education ministry at: Assumption, Vincent Gray Alternative High School and the Catholic Day Care Center. I also taught two years in Milwaukee, six years in St. Louis, and two years in Chicago. Read more.

Bro. Earl Leistikow

60 years of profession

I was born Oct. 24, 1938, in the small railroad town of Parsons, Kansas. My father worked for the railroad, and my mother was a housewife who raised my two sisters and me. I was taught by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Wichita at St. Mary’s parochial school in Parsons and graduated in 1956 from the Catholic high school — St. Patrick’s —tied in ranking as top student in my graduating class of 25. I was involved in sodality and attended regular Masses at the parish church next door, staffed by priests from Ireland. Inspired by religious teachers, I was interested in becoming a teacher in a religious order. Read more.

Bro. Edward Loch

60 years of profession

I was born in Milwaukee in 1939 on the feast of St. Edward the Confessor. The name Edward means guardian of property, land, goods. As the archivist of the archdiocese, I am playing out the role of my name.

When I graduated from grade school, it was a natural progression to go to Don Bosco High School, where I had the Brothers of Mary as my teachers. My freshman homeroom teacher, Bro. Charles Sontag, promoted vocations; Bro. George Montague interrupted our algebra class to teach us mental prayer from his new pamphlet. This was my introduction to prayer. Read more.

Fr. George Montague

60 years of ordination

Community life and service as a Marianist have formed me in ways I never would have experienced had I followed some secular vocation. Since the age of 6, I wanted to be a writer and a newspaper publisher, and from ages 11 to 15, I published a monthly newspaper in my home town of Bandera, Texas. But at Central Catholic High School, I experienced the touch of the Lord, mediated in large part by the mentoring of the “Brothers of Mary,” as the Marianists were known in those days, and by the example of their community life and family spirit … Read more.

Fr. Lawrence Schoettelkotte

60 years of profession

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Aug. 17, 1938, I attended Catholic grade school at St. John the Evangelist in Deer Park. After graduation in 1953 from eighth grade, I went to Purcell High School. During my senior year, I decided to be a priest or religious. I was attracted to both the diocesan priesthood and to the Society of Mary. There were nearly an equal number of diocesan priests and Marianists at Purcell at that time. I talked seriously to both about a vocation. After a real struggle and a lot of prayer, I decided on the Society of Mary and have been happy and grateful with the decision ever since. Read more.

Good to know

Marianist Moment: In Honor of Mother Adèle’s Beatification

For the next three issues of Family Online, Marianist Moment would like to share with our readers some articles written by members of the Marianist Sisters in honor of Mother Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon’s beatification. Her beatification took place on Sunday, June 10, 2018, in Agen France.

Each sister shares a reflection concerning Blessed Adèle’s life and invites the reader to pray and consider questions that she presents at the end of the article. Please read these articles and pray for the entire Family of Mary as we celebrate Blessed Adèle’s official recognition in the Communion of Saints.

In this issue we present, “Time and Life” by Clotilde Fernández del Pozo, FMI, as she reflects on Blessed Adèle’s words, “There is no time to be lost.”


Director of Marianist Urban Students Program opening at Purcell Marian High School

Purcell Marian High  School in Cincinnati, Ohio, has an opening for a director for their Marianist Urban Students Program. The director assists economically disadvantaged students to maximize their potential and achieve success in their education within the Christian atmosphere of this Marianist urban high school.  Learn more.

Pilgrimage on the Rhine

Presented by Marianist Mission

You are invited to join us on the 2019 Marianist  Mission Pilgrimage April 25 – May 5, 2019!  Embark on a journey with Fr. Tim Kenney as we explore  three wonderful countries: Holland, France and Germany over the course of 10 days and take a fantastic cruise on the Rhine River.

Ten days from Amsterdam to Zurich including:

  • •  7 night Rhine cruise and pre/post nights in Amsterdam and Zurich
  • •  22 meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner on the ship
  • •  Beer & wine with lunch & dinner
  • •  Daily touring during the cruise
  • •  Special private tours in Amsterdam and Zurich before and after the cruise
  • •  Daily Mass with Fr. Tim Kenney, SM
  • •  Air travel to/from Newark, N.J.

Learn more.

Read Fr. Tim’s Message.

For pricing and travel arrangements contact: Deanna Synder at [email protected] ; 314.338.7229

Executive director opening at St. Joseph Housing Initiative, St. Louis, MO

The St. Joseph Housing Initiative is a new organization  in partnership with St. Mary’s High School in St. Louis  that will begin its work in South St. Louis.  Reporting to the board of directors, the executive director will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for St. Joseph Housing Initiative’s staff, programs, expansion and the execution of its mission. The executive director will have an understanding of overall construction and real estate management, as well as a deep commitment to the mission of St. Joseph Housing Initiative.  Learn more.


Farewell Bro. Jesse O’Neill

Standing: Phil Forte, Carol Wellman, Jack Bonney, Bro. Jesse, Bro.Frank O’Donnell, Bill Bauman and Bro.Tom Trager Seated: Lisa Hackett, June Bonney, Fr, Rich Kuhn, Tina Bauman and Elaine Hughes.


On May 14, 2018, the Hearts on Fire Marianist Faith Community of Baltimore, Maryland, hosted a prayer service and dinner for Bro. Jesse O’Neill, who will be leaving Baltimore to take his place as assistant for education on the new Provincial Council of the Marianist Province of the United States.

During the prayer service, those present had an opportunity to say how Bro. Jesse influenced them as a person, a Marianist and an educator. and pray for his continued success in his new Marianist role.

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