MLC-NA Goals

The Leadership Team’s Long-term Goals:

  • Encourage development of Marianist Lay Communities (MLC) in North America by increasing direct communication and personal contact with communities, developing resources for communities, and facilitating interaction among communities and among all lay Marianists
  • Represent interests of all lay Marianists in North America to other branches of the Marianist Family and to the global Marianist Family
  • Collaborate with the SM and FMI in promoting social justice and lay formation
  • Promote Family Councils in areas of the Continent and in cities that have a number of lay communities

Shorter-term priorities of the Leadership Team are:

  • Address the need for stable long-term funding for MLC-NA
  • Deepen understanding of the identity of Marianist Lay Communities and each member’s commitment
  • Invite and inform a new generation of lay Marianists
  • Form and support local Family Councils and local leaders
  • Develop publications and educational resources for ongoing formation of lay Marianists and Marianist Lay Communities
  • Foster vibrant MLCs that have social justice as a core value

You can help accomplish these goals by encouraging the development of an effective representative lay structure in your area and supporting your area representative. Each area needs a means of electing or identifying a representative (or team) who can represent its interests to the MLC-NA Leadership Team and through the Team to the International Organization of MLCs, and to the other branches of the Marianist Family through the Family Council of North America. This person (or team) would be the focal point for communication with and among communities in the area and communication to and from the MLC-NA and other entities in the Marianist Family. This communication will enhance interchange and programs about community life, formation, and social justice. Want to get involved? Current area representatives are listed under “Leadership Team” elsewhere on this Web site–they would love to talk with you!