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Inspiration from the writings of Mother Adèle

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You may find inspiration in the following quotes from Venerable Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon, founder of the Marianist Sisters.

These quotes could be used as the focal point for prayer and reflection, for classroom or retreat discussion — or even for your next Tweet or Facebook post!


“If we love God, nothing will be difficult, for loves makes everything easy and simple.”

“Lord, if you will, you can make me whole.”

“Take the Lord’s hand just as a little child who can hardly walk holds onto its mother. The child is certain not to have a dangerous fall as long as it holds on tightly to her.”

“If our minds were constantly haunted by the notions of the shortness of life and the uncertainty of the hour of our death, how much more detached we would be from the things of the present life.”

“O Mary, protect your children!”

“Spirit of light, shed light in my darkness!”

“Let us ask God for the gift of patience.”

“Let us love God with all our hearts, with all our strength, and with all our mind. Then we shall have God’s interests at heart.”

“Live by faith alone!”

“Let us imitate the love of our Blessed Mother. Like her, let us render to all our brothers and sisters the corporal and spiritual services in our power. God considers as done to himself what we do to others. How this should motivate our charity!”

“May everything be renewed in us: our heart, our language, and our works.”

“We are but one family; let us have but one heart and one soul, and belong to God alone.”

“God, give me new courage to walk in your footsteps!”

“What a motive for encouragement amid the heartbreaks of this life: to think that all these afflictions will pass, and that they will be followed and rewarded by a blessedness which will be endless.”

“Great graces are always preceded by great crosses.”

“Come, Lord, and show us the effects of your mercy!”

“Look at the smallest blade of grass. Is there a human being skillful enough to make its like? Is there anyone else endowed with the power and authority to cause a grain of seed to multiply, as God does? Everything in nature sings the grandeur of God.”

“We must see everything with the eyes of faith.”

“Let us fill our lamps with oil of charity and never let them be extinguished.”

“Let us make a pact between our heart and our tongue, never to speak when the heart is unsettled. If we had the courage to do this, we would avoid many failings, would acquire many merits, and would draw down many graces from heaven.”

“A courageous will sustained by grace can achieve anything.”

“We can do anything with the help of God.”

“May we do everything in the name of Mary!”

“Everything comes from God, and we must belong to God at all times and in all the circumstances of our lives.”

“Let us keep peace of heart as one of the greatest treasures. Whatever happens, let us resolve to keep that peace.”

“The God we receive loves all persons without distinction. We must never receive him with a heart that harbors ill will against another.”

“We have a great deal of work to do; yet, let us never give way to discouragement. What can we not obtain from a God who is born in a crib for love of us? If we place our hope in him alone, we shall not be disappointed.”

“Be very prudent in all your tactics; by going too fast we sometimes lose more than we gain.”


Quotes taken from God Alone, Thoughts from Adèle, available from the North American Center for Marianist Studies.