Sr. Stella

Currently I am involved in the internal ministry of the Congregation as an Assistant in the General Administration. In the past years, I served as an assistant on the Provincial level, but also had the good fortune of ministering to others as a teacher and a social worker.

My current ministry is giving me a chance to view mission from another perspective. In the past five years, I have had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the many marvelous ways in which our Sisters touch the lives of so many people in the 14 countries in which we strive to spread the Good News. I must admit that my first year of service was difficult because I missed very much not collaborating with others and not ministering to others.

It is precisely seeing how many Marianist Sisters proclaim the gift of our Founders within their ministry that woke me up to the fact that in these five years I have a ministry which touches in some way the lives of my Sisters by my presence, interest, and encouragement. Soon I will be traveling for the third time to visit our Sisters in Africa and find myself not only ready but anxious to listen, to see, and to participate in the ministry of each Sister.