Sr. Gretchen

Others have made Jesus more “real” for me. Be it the Sisters I live with, or other folks that I work with, I am often awe-struck by the goodness I see in the way others live, and how they give so extraordinarily of themselves. Their faith in God enspirits them, and inspires me. There is a “stepping up” inside of me, to do likewise… to live from faith’s influence, to try my best to live as Jesus would have me live. Collaborating with others, living and working with others, has definitely “made more of me,” and challenged me to be a better person, a better Christian.

I think of community in its many forms. As Marianists, we pride ourselves on community-building as a charism, a hallmark of who we are and what gift we have for the Church. I trust the process… of collaborating, and the building of community. I see the Lord’s hand refining me, and ALL of us, through our interactions. It involves sharing our joys and sorrows, sharing our needs, and being helpful to one another. Sure, there are some misunderstandings and forgiveness, but those too are integral parts of collaborating. Of course, Blessed Father Chaminade’s belief in unity with diversity certainly fits MANY of the groups I am involved with. As we learn to work and live together, shaping ourselves into better Christians and building the faith-connections in community, there is a richness, even in our differences and diversity.