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Marianist PULSE
Partners in Urban Leadership, Service and Education

PULSE is a post-graduate, servant leadership and social justice initiative sponsored by the Marianists. It is a means of sharing the Marianist charism through energetic men and women who want to make a positive impact on an urban community.

PULSE volunteers make a one- or two-year commitment to live with fellow volunteers in a lower-income neighborhood of Dayton, Ohio. They will work full-time at a local nonprofit agency, gaining valuable leadership and career skills.

PULSE volunteers serve at Dayton-area nonprofit organizations.

The life of a PULSE volunteer includes:

♦  Gathering for meals and prayer in the house community.

♦  Living simply in solidarity with the poor and marginalized.

♦  Engaging in a weekly Marianist formation program.

♦  Journeying alongside a spiritual mentor.

♦  Experiencing the passion and satisfaction of working for social justice.

PULSE was launched in 2015; the first cadre of volunteers began service in mid-2016.

The group operates under the direction of Maureen O’Rourke, PULSE coordinator.

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PULSE volunteers commit to living and learning as a community.


PULSE volunteers gain leadership skills while building community.