The Society of Mary originated in lay communities of faith. These lay communities embodied the first inspired activity of our founder, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, in the work of rebuilding the Church in post-revolutionary France. With our origins in lay communities and as part of a larger Marianist Family of religious sisters and committed lay men and women today, Marianist brothers and priests seek to model a discipleship of equals and to work collaboratively in our mission. With Mary as our model of discipleship, we form communities of faith that witness to Jesus Christ alive in our Church and world.

As Marianist brothers, we understand our common life together as the ground and support for all our works. The hallmark of our ministries is the promotion and development of faith communities among others. Education has always been a privileged means for us in that mission.

Marianist brothers and priests have responded to changing needs of our times by bringing gifts of community formation to parishes, retreat centers, social service ministry, the trades and the arts, and other works. Our availability to serve in varied ways flows from our inspiration by Mary’s words to the servants at the wedding feast in Cana: “Do whatever He tells you.” A particular sensitivity to youth and the poor and marginalized has shaped our decisions about what new ministries to accept and where we choose to minister for the sake of the Gospel.